Compensa los efectos del sol con Cosmética Clínica natural de GGcare

How to compensate for the effects of the sun on the skin?

Sunbathing has become THE ACTIVITY of good weather. It provides well-being, relaxes, allows you to absorb vitamin D and tan. But, without caution and without the necessary care, it can be very harmful to your health. In other blogs we have seen how to sunbathe correctly without damaging the skin. In this, we will focus on the importance of taking care of the skin after sun exposure to keep it in good condition and in how to compensate for the effects of the sun on the skin with a routine very simple and effective.

The importance of taking care of the skin after sun exposure.

We are aware of the importance of protecting the skin from the sun's rays. But what happens after the exhibition? Solar radiation dehydrates, irritates and damages, although we apparently do not see it. For this reason, and to avoid its subsequent consequences (loss of dermal elasticity, spots, burns, melanomas, premature skin aging, etc.) it is important to continue taking care of it. PROTECT IT BEFORE with protectors and TREAT IT AFTER with a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating routine. Thus, enjoying the benefits of sunbathing in a healthy way will be possible!

How to compensate for the effects of the sun on the skin?

    Use a good protector to avoid skin injuries. Even if it's just to go for a walk for a few minutes, cleanse your skin and protect it. You can apply the GGcare Tinted Moisturizing Cream on your face, neck and hands. It will hydrate, nourish, protect and, in addition, unify the tone naturally! It has a Protective Factor of 20 and is suitable for all skin types (including oncological, damaged and sensitive skin). We tell you more in: Choose the right sunscreen: what does SPF and the number mean?

    Focusing on dermal care after sun exposure, at GGcare we have created a routine specific and simple to compensate for the effects of the sun on the skin. Cleans, hydrates, reduces inflammation and regenerates with just two very effective natural products.

    The routine that compensates for the effects of the sun on the skin

    Aceite jabonoso de ducha, purificante GGcare

    1 Purify with the Soapy Oil.

    After exposure, use the Soapy Purifying Shower Oil (neutral pH) to cleanse the body (including the scalp). It allows you to eliminate impurities, remains of sun cream and prevent skin dryness, providing hydration and softness. Its neutral pH helps maintain natural skin pH.

    It does not contain toxic ingredients and is tested on oncological, damaged and sensitive skin.

    Crema corporal calmante GGcare

    2 Moisturize and soothe with Soothing Body Cream.

    Once the skin is clean and dry, it's time to hydrate and repair it with the Soothing Body Cream! It is an excellent aftersun that, thanks to its natural active ingredients (calamine, bisabolol, soothex) hydrates, calms and repairs the dermis from the effects of the sun. Relieves irritation, dryness and itching caused by allergic reactions and burns, and even by insect and plant bites. It is not necessary to apply it to the entire body, you can apply it only to the areas of your body that have been most affected by the sun.

    No toxic ingredients. Tested on oncological, damaged and sensitive skin.

    * Both products include essential oils of lavender and orange with aromatherapy effect. Its pleasant aroma provides well-being.

    From GGcare we recommend sunbathing with caution, in a conscious and healthy way. We emphasize the importance of purifying, hydrating and reducing inflammation of the skin after each exposure for dermal health.

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