Study: 93 oncology patients


Pre-production dermatological study: Test on 93 cancer patients

GGcare was born with the idea of ​​taking care of the well-being of women who, due to a series of circumstances, have the need for special care of their health and, as a consequence, also of their skin. Following our ultimate idea of ​​providing FULL HEALTH to IMPROVE WELL-BEING IN EVERY SENSE, we wanted to ensure that the new GGcare products meet our purposes.
To verify and achieve the effectiveness of the new products, in addition to ensuring that they produce satisfaction and well-being through their use, we decided to do a study of the products in women affected with cancer. We have made a sample of 93 women, who were following different types of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. These 93 women are part of the patients of:
- The oncologist Dr. Pere Gascón from the Barcelona Clinical Hospital.
- The radiologist Dr. Pilar Manchón from the Manchón Imaging Diagnosis Center, in Barcelona.

GGcare products used and objectives:
Product Objective: For women to have well-hydrated skin and restored. Achieve a bright, healthy appearance and make you feel attractive. Aromatherapy.
2) NIGHT CREAM, regenerating:
Product Objective: Repair and rebalance the skin and achieve great comfort at the time of going to sleep. Aromatherapy.
3) BODY CREAM, soothing:
Product Objective:  To soothe the itching of the entire body caused by the side effects of chemotherapy, as a consequence of the toxicity of the treatment. Aromatherapy.
4) SOAPY SHOWER OIL, purifying:
Product Objective: To moisturize and regenerate the skin, also at the time of the shower, transmitting comfort thanks to the soap-type oil format. Aromatherapy.
Product Objective: Oil designed to be applied just after radiotherapy treatments to relieve burning and also to be applied later to the burns caused by the treatment. . It can also be applied to any type of burn. Aromatherapy.

3 different tests have been carried out:
- For the 1st test, some first product samples were manufactured for the patients to try. After the tests of this 1st test, and collecting the observations of the patients, the pertinent tweaks and modifications were made to achieve the stated objectives of each product.
- A 2nd product development was carried out with the pertinent corrections and a 2nd test was carried out.The objectives were achieved in four of the five products of the line.
- For the Repair Oil, intended for burns, it was necessary to carry out a 3rd sample and a 3rd test to achieve the objectives we had set for ourselves.

The following graph shows the total number of women that make up the study sample and the grouping made according to the product tested.

In this research all women have the same needs, for this reason, in each test, women are different. In this way they were not conditioned by not having to make comparisons between products.

This 2nd graph shows the degree of effectiveness obtained in each of the tests carried out on the women who have participated in this product test.

In the table we see how the soapy shower oil is the product that obtains 100% effectiveness already in the 1st test, while the day cream, the night cream and the soothing cream, we achieve this 100% in the 2nd test of the samples.

It is the oil for burns for radiotherapy where we achieved this 100% effectiveness in the 3rd modification and product test. This oil, in this 3rd phase, was also tested on a conventional burn, also obtaining a satisfactory relieving and repairing effect.

- Absolutely all the products in the new GGcare line end up being 100% effective in the women who participated in the study.
- The degree of satisfaction and comfort produced by the products is reflected in the final comments, where we also managed to reach 100%.