Repairing oil for vaginal dryness


Demonstration of effectiveness of the Relieving Repair Oil, to treat vaginal dryness:


A test is carried out at the Puigvert Foundation in Barcelona, ​​coordinated and with the patients of the Gynecologist Dr. Mónica González.

The objective of the test is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Relieving Repair Oil to treat vaginal dryness, collecting the opinions of women who suffer from different conditions that cause them vaginal dryness.


Sample of 22 women with different conditions that cause vaginal dryness and with different degrees of vaginal atrophy.

Test carried out by Dr. Mónica González in her consultation where she collects the responses of her patients



Check if the discomfort caused by vaginal dryness improves and if improvement is observed in vaginal atrophy, thanks to the use of the Relieving Repair Oil.

The test questions are based on finding results regarding:

  • Itching
  • Hydration
  • Elasticity
  • Vaginal trophism

For product purposes:

  • If there is a loss or leak of product.


The following graphs show the percentage of improvement of the total of women that make up the sample with respect to the improvement of the symptoms of itching, hydration and use of the product.

Seeing that the itching symptom improves between a lot and a lot in 87% of these women, while in the remaining 13% it relieves them between a little and very little.

82% of women feel between a lot and a lot of improvement in hydration and the remaining 18% between a little or very little.

Regarding the correct absorption of the oil, 87% feel that the absorption is between a lot and a lot, while 13% think that there is between little and very little absorption.

Next, we show these 3 values ​​in the same graph



The relieving repair oil is totally advisable for the care of vaginal dryness, having proven that it greatly reduces vaginal itching in 87% of patients, greatly improves hydration in 82% of patients, and 87% of women have also found that the oil has very good absorption.

It considerably improves vaginal elasticity and atrophy, according to examinations done directly in the gynecologist's office.