Las setas, un alimento de temporada con muchos beneficios

Mushrooms, a seasonal food with many benefits

Discover what are the benefits of mushrooms and how they can help you improve your immune system. We also suggest you some easy and healthy recipes to enjoy the flavor and properties of mushrooms!

What are the benefits of mushrooms?

  • Great source of nutrients, low in calories.
    They contain fiber, water, antioxidants, vitamins (B, C, A and precursors of vitamin D) and minerals (such as potassium or iron) essential for the proper functioning of the body. In addition, nutritionally they are similar to vegetables: they have a high percentage of water (80-90%) and are low in calories.
  • Beneficial properties for health.
    Some studies show how mushrooms contain very positive properties (1). Its excellent nutrients, together with its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral and antitumor properties, help improve health by preventing and reducing diseases.
  • They reduce cholesterol, improve the intestinal flora and the immune system, and prevent diseases such as cancer.
    They act as prebiotics, stimulating the intestinal microbiota (2). Thanks to their amount of fiber and carbohydrates (such as chitin), they maintain intestinal health, reduce cholesterol and improve the immune system (3). This strengthens and protects the body from diseases. Some studies suggest that including mushrooms in your diet can help prevent and reduce cancer (2).

  • They prevent the aging of the body.
    Mushrooms have antioxidant properties with the ability to eliminate free radicals (4). In fact, they contain ergothioneine and glutathione (5), antioxidants that combat oxidative stress. Which means that they protect against cellular deterioration that causes aging.

Now that you know what the benefits of mushrooms are, it's time to take action! Learn about some easy and healthy recipes to enjoy the flavor and properties of mushrooms.We are segur@s de that you will love!


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