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Repairing, relieving oil - 50ml

Repairing, relieving oil - 50ml

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The Relieving Repair Oil is an easily absorbed serum that repairs the skin of any part of the body in record time. It is the ideal combination of seven vegetable oils with antioxidant, regenerative, moisturizing and healing power , providing general well-being. Used as facial serum, it regenerates, attenuates skin spots and combats the signs of aging such as sagging and lack of luminosity thanks to its content in Rosehip, macadamia and jojoba oil. Repairs the skin of all types of burns, also those from radiotherapy.  Heals open sores and wounds. Clinically recommended for vulvar and vaginal dryness due to its considerable hydration capacity and recovery of vaginal elasticity.

The aroma of orange and lavender essential oil provides a feeling of calm and well-being.

Suitable for all skin types, also skin affected by oncological treatments

Dermatologically tested on 93 patients (Effectiveness test).



  • Regenerating Facial Serum and anti-aging due to its high content of Rosehip oil
  • Fights all signs of facial skin stress: spots, redness, acne, sagging, dehydration, lack of luminosity and wrinkles.
  • Clinically recommended for vulvar and vaginal dryness, considerably recovering hydration and elasticity.
  • Repairs domestic and solar burns.
  • Clinically tested for radiotherapy burns.
  • Moisturizes and repairs nails and cuticles.
  • Anti-inflammatory, soothing and disinfectant because it contains chamomile and calendula essential oil.
  • Increases skin elasticity thanks to jojoba oil.
  • Powerful regenerator due to its high content of rosehip oil and macadamia oil.
  • Eliminates free radicals and activates enzymes by sunflower oil.
  • Regulates cell division and humidity by containing wheat germ oil.
  • Antibacterial healing thanks to calendula oil.

How to Use

As a Facial Serum

  • We recommend its use as a day serum.
  • Apply the oil with a clean face.
  • Apply, massaging gently until completely absorbed.
  • We recommend applying the oil on the face, always massaging from the inside out and on the neck from the bottom up.

For burns and wounds

It can be applied directly to the burn or open wound, acting as a soothing, anti-inflammatory and accelerating the healing process.

For Radiotherapy burns
If RADIOTHERAPY is being performed, apply the oil just after the session and 3 times a day for better tissue recovery radiated.Before the session, make sure that there are no traces of oil in the area to be treated (see complete treatment).

For vulvar and vaginal hydration

  • For vulvar hydration, apply directly with your fingers, massaging until completely absorbed.
  • To treat vaginal dryness, we recommend using the soft GGcare applicator for the best application and use of the product.
  • We recommend applying at night.(see complete treatment). (see vaginal applicator)

Natural Actives

  • Chamomile essential oil: Anti-inflammatory, disinfectant.
  • Sunflower oil: Antioxidant, eliminates free radicals, soothing, softening.
  • Rosehip oil: Regenerating, anti-inflammatory.
  • Wheat germ oil: Regulates cell division, activates enzymes and softens.
  • calendula oil: Anti-inflammatory, healing, antibacterial.
  • Jojoba oil: moisturizing and antioxidant.
  • Macadamia oil: regenerating and softening.
  • Orange and Lavender essential oil: provide calm and relaxation.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a good serum for the face?

It is an ideal serum to apply to the face and neck. The ideal combination of 7 natural oils makes it the perfect anti-aging serum and also combats all signs of skin stress: spots, redness, acne, sagging, dehydration, lack of luminosity and wrinkles.

Does it leave your skin shiny and greasy?

No. It is a dry oil, quickly absorbed. The fatty acids in this oil are the same as those in our skin, which is why it is absorbed so quickly and has an immediate effect.

Is it useful for burns?

It is totally recommended for all types of burns: domestic and sunburn. Effective on burns up to 3rd degree. Clinically tested.

Can it be used for Radiotherapy burns?

Yes. It is a very effective oil for treating radiotherapy burns and we recommend applying it immediately after each session to immediately relieve the burning sensation.

We have a Clinical test carried out at the ICO (Institut Català d'Oncologia) with magnificent results that demonstrate its effectiveness. Recommended in clinics and hospitals

Can it be put on wounds?

Yes. The relieving repair oil can be put on all types of wounds, including open wounds and sores. Accelerates healing.

Can it be used after hair removal?

Yes. Thanks to its powerful dermal repair capacity and immediate effect.

Can it be used after tattoos or micropigmentation?

Yes. Thanks to the combination of vegetable oils with great regenerating capacity, without causing any type of adverse reaction.

Can it be used for vaginal dryness?

Yes. The repair oil is totally recommended for vulvar and vaginal dryness. It immediately soothes the discomfort caused by dryness and lack of hydration in this area and repairs the entire vaginal interior, recovering its hydration and elasticity. Recommended by gynecologists and pelvic floor specialists.

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Customer Reviews

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Agradable i ràpid

M'ha agradat aquest oli reparador. He vist els seus efectes força ràpid en una petita ferida i també com a hidratació

Nadia Soledad Ibañez Iralde
Un antes y despues

Este aceite ha sido mi salvación despues de probar un monton de alternativas sin lograr mejorar mis sintomas de sequedad vaginal la ginecologa me recomendó este aceite y ha sido un acierto. He notado mucha mejoría.


Este producto es indispensable para mi día a día

Claudia Mateo

Es increíble ver el proceso de mejora con este producto. Solo puedo dar las gracias

El mejor producto que he probado sin duda

El mejor producto que he probado sin duda, pasadas las 48h ya veía los resultados