Tattoo repair oil

demonstration of the immediate effect of repair oil on tattoos:

Tattooed person: man
Pathology: discomfort, inflammation and redness on the tattooed leg.
Date: July 2021
GGcare products used and dosage:
- Repairing, relieving oil: 1 application 3 days after the tattoo.
Appearance of usual discomfort, redness and inflammation after tattooing. Use GGcare Repair Oil to treat it immediately.

Evolution of the skin treated with GGcare

The following images show the initial state of the area and the evolution after applying the GGcare repair oil only once.

An improvement in irritation and redness is observed just 12 minutes after applying Repair Oil to the area (image 2). Two hours later (image 3), the condition of the skin continues to improve. In addition, the affected person reports immediate relief from the discomfort caused by inflammation thanks to the effects of the Repair Oil.


By observing the images and the evolution of the tattooed skin, we can demonstrate that the application of GGcare Repair Oil in tattooed areas:
- Improves visible and symptomatic of the tattooed skin.
- Immediate and rapid improvement in the condition of the skin.
- Effectiveness from the first application.
- Immediate relief of discomfort.
- Provides instant well-being .
- Positive evolution of the skin treated with GGcare Repair Oil.


- GGcare Repair Oil is effective for treating newly tattooed, damaged and sensitive.
- The application of GGcare Repair Oil provides well-being and symptomatic and visible relief instantly.