Care and treatment of skin affected by psoriasis

Do you have psoriasis and are you looking for the perfect treatment? Then you are in the right place! We explain how to calm the discomfort it produces and improve the health of your skin affected by psoriasis.

How to treat psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a common condition. It appears in cycles or “outbreaks” and can be suffered at any age, especially between 31 and 60 years (1), for different reasons such as stress. , overwork, emotional shocks, friction or reactions. According to the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology there are more than 125 million people affected worldwide.

If you have psoriasis or think you may have it, the first step is to go to your referral dermatologist to determine the origin of the cause and assess the skin condition. Otherwise, the itching, stinging, pain and the affected area can increase and affect (a lot!) the emotional state. In fact, more than 10% of patients in Spain with psoriasis have depression and 26% have anxiety (1). And it is not only because of the discomfort it causes (itching, stinging, pain or the symptoms of the treatments) but because of what it can imply emotionally for each person. It affects self-esteem and the image one transmits. Psoriasis causes physical discomfort (itching, stinging and pain), but it also affects a lot! the emotional state. That is why it is recommended to treat quickly before these discomforts also affect self-esteem. Whether you are experiencing a psoriasis outbreak or you want to prevent it, it is important that you observe the needs of your skin and provide them with appropriate cosmetics beyond the treatment or medication prescribed by your specialist. By taking care of your skin correctly, you will strengthen it and avoid infections, breakouts, and your appearance will improve.

At GGcare we have developed a specific treatment for people affected by psoriasis. It is dermatologically tested on real patients, and is easy, fast and effective in caring for the skin without side effects. Formulated with natural and effective ingredients that provide hydration and relief in the affected area. To reduce discomfort, prevent flare-ups or improve them.

How will the GGcare pack help you treat psoriasis?

It will provide you with the basic needs that your skin has when it suffers from this disease: hydration, repair and relief.

  • 1.Dermal restoration: When these scales/rashes form on the skin, products must be applied that repair the dermal layer.
The first step of psoriasis treatment is to apply GGcare Soothing Repair Oil directly to the scales, 2 times a day. This oil manages to restore scales and cracks, and reestablish the good appearance of the skin.
  • 2. Moisturize and soothe itching: Moisturizing the skin will help prevent these distinctive scales from forming and will help them to be treated with precision.
Next, apply the GGcare Soothing Body Cream both on the affected core and around the entire area. The cream manages to calm the itching. It is anti-inflammatory and provides extra hydration throughout the affected area. It can be applied as many times a day as needed.


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