Mejora el bienestar dérmico y emocional: realiza paseos conscientes por la playa

Improves skin and emotional well-being: take conscious walks on the beach

Stepping on the sand with the soles of your feet (also known as grounding) consciously contributes to dermal well-being and emotional well-being. Learn about the benefits of walking barefoot on the sand and some tips for taking conscious walks on the beach. They are going to surprise you!

Improves dermal well-being and emotional well-being: take conscious walks through the beach

Walking barefoot in the sand (also known as grounding or earthing) being aware of the moment, is an active, relaxing and immersive meditation. Stimulates the senses and awareness of the “now”. It allows to focus on what is essential about oneself and the environment (sound of the waves, smell of salt, texture of the sand, etc.), andcome into contact with the atmosphere and energy of the earth. People capture and emit energy, for this reason electric fields influence our health. The earth is loaded with electrons. By walking barefoot on the sand we absorb them and the body's natural electrical tensions are balanced.

The benefits of walking barefoot in the sand  

  • Exercise the body and strengthen the muscles.
    Walking barefoot in the sand keeps the body active and strengthened. Sand is an unstable surface. Stepping on it without shoes helps tone the muscles of the feet, legs, buttocks and back. Stimulates the sensitivity of the soles of the feet, improving balance. The muscles make the effort that the shoes inhibit (virtually without receiving impact from the ground!) and reduces the risk of injury. The grounding is recommended for people with rheumatism, arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  • Clears the mind, relaxes and improves dermal well-being and emotional well-being.
    Walking in front of the sea relaxes and escapes from the daily routine. Focusing solely on the “now”, on each of the walking movements and breathing, allows you to disconnect from everything else. It reduces cortisol levels and connects our interior with the natural environment. When the body relaxes, emotional well-being, self-esteem, positive thinking and dermal well-being improve. Learn How to take advantage of emotions to improve your skin.
  • Improves circulation, varicose veins and swollen legs.
    Water and sand stimulate and massage the nerve endings on the soles of the feet. They increase sensitivity (lost from wearing shoes), and improve the body's circulation. When walking, the feet are immersed under the sand, which creates compression and facilitates venous return. It promotes balance, the reduction of edema (swollen feet and legs) and vascular problems (varicose veins).

  • Exfoliates and softens feet naturally.
    Sand and sea salt help eliminate dead cells and calluses. They generate an exfoliating effect that softens and improves the dermal well-being of the soles of the feet and heels. It's like going to a natural beauty salon!

  • Prevents skin aging and promotes regeneration.
    Sea water contains minerals, vitamins and elements that regenerate and prevent skin aging. Submerging your feet a little while walking stimulates circulation and allows the skin to absorb these elements.

  • Improves health.
    Walking barefoot in the sand relieves stress, which causes a large number of health problems. Increases emotional well-being and, consequently, dermal well-being. It is very positive for people with injuries to the legs, ankles or soles of the feet. Furthermore, thanks to its content of iodine, sea salts and anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties, breathing the sea breeze is beneficial in respiratory pathologies (asthma, allergies, etc. .)

Tips for walking barefoot in the sand and improving skin well-being and emotional well-being

  1. Take mindful walks on the beach first thing in the morning or at dusk. mindful walks for 20-30 minutes are a way to meditate mindfulness. Finding a quiet moment will always be more effective and you will avoid the hours of greatest solar radiation.

  2. Protects the skin (even if it is first or last hour of the day). We recommend the GGcare Brightening Day Cream. Contains protective factor SPF, to protect, hydrate and illuminate the skin.

  3. Breathe paying attention to your movements and those of the environment. You will take advantage of the benefits of grounding and conscious meditation.

  4. It is ideal to walk on damp, slightly sloping ground, where the water covers up to your ankles. The unevenness, the water level and the dry sand require greater effort.
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