Treatment for psoriasis

What is psoriasis?

psoriasis is a disease that causes inflammation of the skin. It manifests itself with scaly, rough redness in a well-defined contour. The thick, white skin that occurs is called scales.

This very common condition is long-lasting (or even chronic) and can be suffered at any age. It usually appears in areas of the body with friction such as knees, elbows, abdomen or lower back. Also on hands, feet, nails and scalp. Psoriasis shows itself in cycles called “flares” that can last weeks or months. Then they decrease.

Causes of psoriasis

There can be several causes that cause psoriasis:
  • Stress.
  • Overwork.
  • Emotional shock.
  • The rubbing of clothes.
  • Reaction to some medication.
  • Reaction to an infection.

Symptoms of psoriasis

The most common symptoms are:
  • Cracked skin, which may bleed.
  • Irregular eruptions: with few or important spots of scales.
  • Rashes that can vary in color, depending on skin tone.
  • Pain.
  • Itching.
  • Emotional discomfort due to the appearance of the skin.

How to treat psoriasis?

Psoriasis causes great physical discomfort that we recommend treating quickly before these discomforts also affect you on an emotional level.

There are products that help minimize these ailments. At GGcare we offer an easy, fast and effective Treatment for psoriasis, clinically tested on patients. It is a care based on natural and effective ingredients that provides quick relief and restores the affected area.

1 Dermal restoration

The first step of psoriasis treatment is to apply GGcare's Relieving Repair Oil directly to the scales, 2 times a day. This oil manages to restore scales and cracks, and reestablish the good appearance of the skin.

2 Moisturize and soothe itching

Next, apply the GGcare Soothing Body Cream both on the affected core and around the entire area. The cream immediately calms the itch. It is anti-inflammatory and provides extra hydration throughout the affected area. It can be applied as many times a day as needed.

Treatment for psoriasis!