La dieta alcalina, la mejor

The alkaline diet, the best

When the body generates more acid than it can eliminate, our body becomes acidic and as a consequence we are more unprotected against some diseases.

The body naturally processes vitamins, minerals, animal and vegetable fats to neutralize excessive acidity in our body. But with the nutritional evolution of the last 50 years we have changed fruits, vegetables from the garden, proteins from the sea and farms, for processed and refined products that cause vital deficiencies in our bodies.

The measure with which the state of the blood and water in the body is measured is the PH. The values ​​used are from 0 to 14, with the average PH being 7.40 to 7.45 in a healthy organism. If the pH is reduced to values ​​below 7, the system falls into metabolic acidity and it is very dangerous because the person will go into a coma.

According to Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg (Nobel Prize for discovering the cause of cancer in 1931) "Cancerous tissues are acidic tissues, while healthy ones are alkaline tissues" because acidic substances reject oxygen and on the other hand alkaline substances attract it .

According to Dr. Heinrich Cancer is the consequence of an anti-physiological diet and lifestyle (acidic diet).

In recent decades, scientific studies have demonstrated the high benefits to cancer patients of focusing their lives in a healthy way and eating the most alkaline diets possible.


Alkaline diet, helps prevent cancer

It is a lifestyle as well as a choice when it comes to consuming food. It consists of consuming foods with a high alkaline index. This way we protect our cells, their proper functioning and prevent them from mutating and becoming carcinogenic due to excess acidity.

Acid abuse also causes premature aging, bad mood, headaches, allergies, asthma, nervousness, swelling, lack of energy and fatigue, insomnia, fluid retention and skin problems such as eczema, among the most important.

And all of them can be prevented by consuming alkaline foods to keep tissues healthy. We know how important it is to hydrate internally and keep our organs filtered and oxygenated. It is important to keep the body clean, healthy and prepared to absorb all the nutrients from the food we eat and to oxygenate it.

Fruits, vegetables and greens become essential in our diet, because they provide us not only with the vitamins but also with the water we need.The alkaline diet is based on a percentage of 80% fruits and vegetables and a maximum of 20% meat (preferably organic)

There are foods that, due to their PH, are considered acidic and others alkaline. It is important to know that some people's PH varies after they are digested in the body.

We give you an example: after processing, lemon transforms into an alkaline PH for our body, becoming a good ally.That's why we encourage you not to overwhelm yourself by following a strict list of alkaline foods. We show you the food groups differentiated by their PH:

Acidic foods for the body (and better to avoid)
  • Refined sugar (important: it does not provide us with fat, proteins, minerals, or vitamins; it is also one of the highest acidic pH (2.1).
  • Red meats (all those treated with chemicals and hormones).
  • Cow's milk and derivatives.
  • Refined flours, pastries and industrial bakery.
  • Refined salt, margarines.
  • Manufactured and processed products, dyes, packaged foods and soft drinks.
  • Important: Foods that are sold cooked, even vegetables, or alkaline foods, when cooked, their oxygen is eliminated and they become acidic.

Alkalizing foods – Healthy lifestyle
  • All vegetables, vegetables, fruits.
  • Seeds and nuts. Almonds are the most alkaline.
  • Whole grains. The only alkaline whole grain is millet. The rest are somewhat acidic but very healthy. Always consume them cooked and they bring us great benefits.
  • Honey also has acidic PH, but after digestion it becomes alkaline PH.
  • Water, essential to cleanse all organs and avoid dehydration. If it is alkaline, filtered even better.
  • Important: Some vegetables, fruits and vegetables with acidic PH, when digested generate an alkalizing action in the body. In addition, it is beneficial to take them without cooking so that they do not lose oxygen.

Exercising is, along with a healthy diet, another habit. Exercise oxygenates the body. A sedentary lifestyle wears you out.

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