Ingredients Regenerating night facial routine

1. Rosehip oil, cold pressed:

  • 100% Rosehip Oil.

  • Rose essence: for a pleasant aroma. Calms emotions, enhances love and tenderness.

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2. Regenerating night cream:

  • Molecules derived from milk: Stimulate skin protection. Acts as a cell regenerator.
  • Proteins from soybeans: Repair DNA.
  • Probiotics: They enhance skin renewal and its own defenses.
  • Corn oil extract, enriched with oxygen: Anti-inflammatory, soothing, promotes blood flow.
  • Concentrate of noble molecules from sunflower oil: Rebalances the skin's lipid barrier.
  • Orange essential oil: For a pleasant, relaxing, sedative aroma.
  • Lavender essential oil: For an antidepressant, calming aroma.

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