Regenera tus manos castigadas en sólo 2 min. GGcare te cuenta como

Regenerate your damaged hands in just 2 minutes. GGcare tells you how

Due to different causes, the hands deteriorate and suffer more quickly than other areas of the body.
The days fly by and our hands work tirelessly.

They pass through water, humidity, wind and excessive heat from heating; We do not protect them enough and that causes aging sooner than we would like. We tell you how to take care of them in just 2 minutes a day...

Your hands suffer from continuous exposure to:

  • toxic products
  • sudden temperature changes
  • the sun's rays
  • humidity
  • sequelae of oncological treatments
  • direct effects of allergies, sensitivity and other ailments

Oncological treatments are very aggressive and punish the skin during and after the process, as well as hand ailments.

Do you suffer from any of these discomforts?

  • inflammation in cuticles
  • cracks in the fingertips
  • stains
  • extreme dryness
  • burning sensation, redness
  • itching or itching (pruritus)
  • very dry skin (xerosis)
  • rashes or hives

GGcare It helps you relieve itching, regenerates and protects your skin, and also comforts you and provides well-being.

The GGcare soothing cream is a product that you can apply to any type of dermis.
Formulated and designed for very delicate and damaged skin.
It contains pure and very powerful active ingredients.
Tested with 100% EFFICACY on all skin types. Especially indicated for dehydration, irritation, itching.

The GGcare soothing cream relieves and turns discomfort into well-being, in just a few minutes.
Use it to improve any of the symptoms.


Use it as protection against the cold, it also decongests and eliminates itching, soothes insect bites, chafing, tightness and dry skin.

You can apply it as many times a day as you think necessary, due to irritation, itching or hydration.

Healthy habits to take care of your hands during and after cancer treatments:

** GGcare products They do not contain parabens, sulfates, silicones or alcohols.
**We do not test on animals. GGcare recommends that you always follow the guidelines of your trusted doctor.

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