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How to take advantage of positive emotions to improve your skin?

Paying attention to the effects caused by pollution, the weather, the cosmetics we use, diet and physical exercise is essential for skin health. However, it is common to overlook the role of emotions, the deepest part of our body. We tell you why emotions influence the state of the skin so much and how to take advantage of them to improve skin health .

Why do emotions influence the condition of the skin?

As we say at GGcare, the skin is the mirror of our interior. It is connected to the nervous system, the circulatory system and the mind. Therefore, it is capable of reflecting any alteration in the body through its appearance. In this way, and as psychodermatology studies, feelings, mood or certain psychological disorders can influence (a lot!) skin health.

Nervousness , stress , fear or anxiety , for example, keep the body in a state of acceleration, “alert” and “danger” that can decompensate body functioning and skin balance. Levels of tension, adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormone) increase and some basic functions (including skin regeneration or deep rest ) stop being carried out to prioritize a response to “danger” (such as muscle tension). These types of negative feelings (among others such as sadness ) or related actions (such as crying ) also affect skin well-being. They weaken, dehydrate and increase the likelihood of suffering from conditions such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, dark circles and premature aging.

Feelings and moods can also be very beneficial for health and well-being. Actions that generate positive emotions allow the secretion of happiness hormones such as oxytocin or dopamine. These act on the nervous system, spreading positive energy throughout the body and reducing cortisol. Which means that they relieve, prevent and avoid negative emotions and symptoms related, for example, to stress.

Joy releases happiness hormones, increases collagen and prevents dark circles, dehydration and premature skin aging.
High levels of cortisol (stress ) create a tired and dull appearance and decrease collagen.
Muscle tension causes stiffness, expression lines, wrinkles, dark circles and crow's feet.
The salts from tears dehydrate.

How to take advantage of emotions to improve your skin?  

Emotional states can influence the well-being of the skin and even lead to skin pathologies. The point is to work fully (inside and out), accept emotions and, above all, prioritize the most positive ones!

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