Tomar cafeína cada día, ¿si o no?

Drink caffeine every day, yes or no?

There are many foods, such as coffee , tea or chocolate , that contain natural stimulants such as caffeine . We tell you everything you need to know about caffeine.

All about caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant, a psychoactive substance that accelerates the functioning of the nervous system and is present in countless foods. Therefore, it helps us wake up and taking it in moderation can provide us with many benefits for our skin and health.

You may have heard at some point that “coffee is bad because it contains caffeine”, but that is not really the case. It is true that an excess of caffeine can accelerate skin aging and, thus, accentuate sagging and dry skin. On the one hand, excess caffeine does not help you get a good rest or “refreshing sleep.” And as we already saw in the article titled “ The importance of rest for healthy skin ”, it is essential to have a good rest for our skin and especially for our health. On the other hand, we cannot forget that caffeine acts as a diuretic, which leads to a loss of body water and affects the proper hydration of the body and skin.

Even so, caffeine is a substance that has many benefits for our body and especially for our skin, such as one of its advantages is that it is very good for fighting acne, since it contains anti-inflammatory properties, it has an anti-aging effect thanks to because it firms the skin and reduces dark circles and also one of its benefits is that it gives a very healthy glow to your skin.

It also contributes to the improvement of staying active in our daily lives and as the AFA Baix says, coffee consumption can be a protective factor against Alzheimer's .

Therefore, consuming foods with caffeine in moderation can be beneficial for our body, but in excess it can be harmful to our health. Let's keep in mind that everything is good to a certain extent.

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