¿Sabes encontrar el olor apropiado para crear un ambiente agradable?

Do you know how to find the appropriate smell to create a pleasant atmosphere?

A smell can evoke all kinds of emotions, moods or memories. Smell influences well-being, which is why it is essential to choose well the aroma that we put in the home or in the spaces where we spend more hours so that the atmosphere is pleasant. Next, we will tell you the best time to put some natural aromas according to the properties and benefits generated by smelling them.

For tastes, colors! And by colors... Natural aromas!

There are many different scents and, sometimes, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for the space you want to scent. Knowing that they can influence the mood and well-being of those who smell them, the most important thing is:

  • Choose them as natural as possible.
  • Take into account the properties it provides.

Aromas for every occasion:
  • Lavender: RELAXATION
    The smell of lavender generates a relaxing effect that reduces stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. It is ideal for rest areas such as the living room or bedrooms, and to accompany moments of relaxation. The GGcare products incorporate lavender essential oil to contribute to well-being and make the application an intimate ritual of relaxation, calm and disconnection.

  • Sandalwood: COMFORT
    Warm and calming aroma perfect for creating a comfortable atmosphere. You can incorporate it into gatherings at home with friends or family, especially in winter.

    Stimulates the mind, promotes positivity and well-being, improves mood, concentration and creativity. Its properties and sweetness create a cozy, intimate family environment. Although it also has stimulating and aphrodisiac properties, ideal for dates or moments as a couple.

    Provides well-being, good humor and sensuality. This sweet and exotic-smelling aphrodisiac oil helps improve frustrations or negative thoughts. It is perfect for creating unique, intimate and sensual moments of disconnection.

    Energetic, clean, fresh and strong aroma. Improves mood, physical and mental exhaustion, negative sensations and discomfort between people. Helps concentration, creativity and productivity. Ideal for places where physical activities, relaxation or mental effort are carried out (offices, meeting and study rooms, etc.).

  • Lemon: CLEANING
    The refreshing aroma of lemon improves mood, provides energy and masks unpleasant odors. Generates a fresh and clean environment ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or studies.

How to incorporate aromas into spaces?
You can use air fresheners that incorporate the ingredients that best suit you, whether in spray or stick format.

We recommend the use of diffusers of essential oils, candles or incense, they are usually more natural and you can take advantage of their properties. This way, it will be easy for you to adapt the aroma at all times and, the best thing... They always give a special touch to the spaces! Of course, remember to place the candle or incense in a safe place and a few meters away so as not to inhale the smoke it gives off directly.

Also, you can make your own aroma from natural essential oils. This way you can adapt it to your taste, needs and lifestyle!

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