Tips para disfrutar del buen tiempo y mejorar el bienestar

Tips to enjoy the good weather and improve well-being

Who said that summer is not for enjoying, going out, sunbathing and snacking between meals in a healthy way? In this blog we share the tips that we use at GGcare to take advantage of the summer, enjoy everything that nature offers us and, at the same time, take care of ourselves! Get to know our tips to enjoy the good weather and improve well-being!

Tips to enjoy the good weather and improve well-being
  • Stay active (yes, outside of technology!)
    Summer is a good time to go out and do outdoor activities. Walking enjoying the sunset, discovering places you didn't know before, reading, meditating, doing yoga outdoors, spending a few days in the mountains, enjoying friends that you don't usually see on a daily basis, dancing, laughing... will provide you with well-being and It will allow you to disconnect from daily stress and technologies while keeping your mind CONSCIOUS and your body ACTIVE.
  • Absorb Vitamin D from the sun and increase well-being
    Vitamin D is essential for health and the proper functioning of the body. It is mainly absorbed from the sun and just a few minutes under its rays (of course, with sunscreen to protect the skin) is enough. We recommend using the Colored moisturizing cream with SPF20 protection for the face, neck and hands. In addition, the sun also increases the hormone HAPPINESS, reduces cortisol (stress hormone) and improves mood. We tell you more details about the importance of Vitamin D and how to absorb it correctly in How to absorb vitamin D from the sun without damaging the skin?
  • Walk barefoot whenever you can
    Walking with your feet free, without shoes, provides many health benefits. Strengthens and stimulates the muscles of the feet and legs, reduces stress hormone levels, improves circulation and sleep (1), etc. Contact with the earth (the sand on the beach, the floor of the house, the forest...) allows us to recover sensitivity and natural balance (with oneself and with nature) increasing WELL-BEING and mood (2).
  • Snack and cool off in a conscious and healthy way
    Who said that snacking and cooling off in a healthy way in summer is not possible? Choose superfoods, light foods rich in water, healthy snacks and seasonal fruits to stay hydrated wherever you go. Additionally, you can create your own homemade soft drinks and ice cream to choose the nutrients you ingest. We love the Mango and Chocolate ice cream (see the recipe) and the antioxidant and vitamin refreshments of Hibiscus with Ginger and Red Fruits or ! t4>Cold green tea with lemon (see the recipe)!

Take advantage of everything that nature offers at all times, be happy and enjoy the good weather!

At GGcare cosmetics we wish you a wonderful summer!

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