4 pasos para preparar una maleta de viaje consciente y minimalista

4 steps to prepare a conscious and minimalist travel suitcase

Packing a suitcase (and getting it closed with all the belongings inside) can be a real challenge. Pack your conscious and minimalist travel suitcase in a simple way with these 4 steps and fully enjoy the trip!

Prepare a conscious and minimalist travel suitcase

It is essential OBSERVE and BE AWARENESS to choose your luggage correctly. These simple steps will allow you to analyze the characteristics of the trip and choose the most appropriate belongings to carry it out, without any worry other than enjoying yourself!

1 Analyze the trip.

Where am I going? How am I going? How many days? What is the objective of the trip? What plans will I make? Analyze the characteristics It makes it easier (a lot!) to prepare your travel suitcase. Helps you plan better and see more easily what to include. You will not need the same to visit a city, to go to the beach or to take a route through the mountains. Or, if you go by car, motorcycle, train, boat, plane or on foot. Each transport, place and activity requires different needs, clothing and luggage. It is essential to take this into account and be aware of it to be right and make a good choice.

2 Create a list of what you may need.

Make a list of all the personal things you may need given the characteristics of the trip. Warm or summer clothes, sports or dress clothes, a swimsuit, a book... Write everything you think is necessary, even if it seems like a lot, once you have everything ready you can decide what is essential and what you can do without .

3 Limit yourself to what is necessary, without forgetting the essential.

Don't forget to add your basic belongings and personal care products! Focusing only on clothing can make you forget essential things like your toothbrush, medication, or sunscreen. Prioritize what is necessary, what you can use for different needs and avoid “just in case”. We always include Colored moisturizing cream with SPF20 sunscreen to care for, hydrate, beautify and protect facial skin at the same time and save space in the toiletry bag . As well as the Soothing body cream to hydrate the skin and soothe it from sun irritation, itching, burns, summer allergies or insect and plant bites. The point is to choose as few things as possible, but that are useful, essential and necessary.

4 Place belongings and roll up clothes.

Closing the suitcase with all the belongings inside can become... “a circus”. To avoid this, try to roll your clothes instead of folding them and putting the ones that take up the most space on top. Vacuum packing your luggage or using organizers to keep everything close at hand is also a good option.

Filling your travel suitcase with unnecessary things will make you more aware of carrying it around than having fun. Live and fill your backpack with experiences and happiness!

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