Contaminación medioambiental, ¿como afecta a nuestra salud?

Environmental pollution, how does it affect our health?

Environmental pollution is wreaking havoc on both the Earth and its inhabitants, which are us, humans.

There are several types of environmental pollution, and each type affects us in a different way.

For example, the pollution of the air we breathe is causing the increased appearance of pathologies such as asthma or pneumonia, diseases that are increasingly common in our society.

Apart from this, air pollution also causes discomfort in sensitive skin, since air pollutants come into direct contact with our skin, causing adverse reactions such as irritation or redness.

Marine pollution also affects our skin, since when the skin comes into direct contact with the polluted sea, it can cause adverse skin reactions such as irritation and redness, especially in people with sensitive skin.

For these cases, GGcare recommends our Soothing Body Cream, the body cream from our skin care line that hydrates, soothes and reduces inflammation of sensitive and irritated skin.

Noise pollution is also becoming a great concern among the types of environmental pollution, since it is a pollution that is very present in our society although it is usually a somewhat more ignored pollution.

The type of noise pollution that most affects people is that constant noise that we are already accustomed to and we have it almost integrated, such as the noise of vehicles in the streets and also sounds that exist in establishments of all kinds that are at a higher volume than they should.

This type of constant noise pollution causes damage that goes beyond hearing discomfort as it can cause changes in the behavior of a person's heart and breathing rate.

At GGcare we advise you to be aware of this so that you protect yourself as much as possible so that your hearing and your health are not affected.

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