Consejos para un estilo de vida plena

Tips for a full lifestyle

To achieve a full life, balance of body and mind is essential. It is not an easy task, nor something that happens overnight. It is a personal evolution resulting from incorporating small changes to your lifestyle that improve emotional and physical health. We give you some tips so that you can implement, adapt to your lifestyle and evolve towards a life full of well-being.

How to achieve a full lifestyle?

Tips to improve emotional health:

  • Love yourself, accept yourself and trust yourself.
    Discover the wonderful person you are and trust in all the good that is in you. Love and accept yourself, being happy depends on you, on the love and trust you place in yourself. Feeling good about yourself is very gratifying!
  • Keep a positive attitude and take advantage of opportunities to learn.
    Find the positive side of things and try to turn those obstacles that appear into challenges and opportunities. Analyze each situation and focus on how to treat that obstacle to personal growth. It is essential to be aware of your thoughts, learn from it or not, it depends on the point of view.
  • Find moments to breathe deeply and dedicate FULL ATTENTION to what you are doing.
    Focusing on each breath you take will allow you to relax, calm your mind and be aware of the now, of yourself and your movements. Look for moments to reconnect with you. The shower, the morning coffee, waking up, etc., are ideal routine occasions to become aware. Being able to maintain FULL ATTENTION in the present and concentrate only on what you are doing, helps to enhance your actions, to value, to be grateful for the small wonders of life (the texture, color and pleasant aroma of our favorite shower soap, the smell and taste of morning coffee, etc.), and to live more intensely!
  • Get out of your comfort zone.
    From time to time, try doing new activities that are different from your routine. You will see that you are capable of everything. It is ideal for personal growth and to strengthen yourself in difficult situations that require adaptation. Go on the adventure, it's worth trying!

Tips to improve physical health:

  • Rest properly.
    Sleep is essential for health and to avoid skin problems related to premature skin aging. Although it may seem insignificant, sleep deficiency causes illness and aging. When sleeping, the body takes advantage of the rest to repair itself and increase energy levels for the next day. As Matt Walker (scientist, professor of Neuroscience and Psychology and director of the Center for Human Sleep Science) argues, “sleep is our superpower.” If we do not sleep properly, the body cannot repair itself properly and becomes weak. Furthermore, the skin, closely linked to the nervous system, reflects it through its appearance in the form of conditions related to oxidative stress and premature aging and weakening.
  • Take care of your protective shield, your skin.
    For full health, it is essential not to forget about the skin. The skin protects the body from the outside and needs care to stay healthy, looking good, and to perform its function correctly. Use natural cosmetics like the products from GGcare.
  • Exercise and eat consciously and healthily.
    Physical activity, accompanied by adequate nutrition, is essential for the proper functioning of the body and for feeling good. Focus on each movement you make and how the body activates. In the same way, eating slowly is beneficial to be aware of what you eat, without letting stress take over the situation.

  • Take time for yourself. It is as important to carry out your daily responsibilities as it is to dedicate time to your well-being. Make an appointment every day to take care of yourself and do activities that you enjoy and feel fulfilled. Organize the days and you will see how there is time for everything!
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