Los beneficios de la cosmética natural

The benefits of natural cosmetics

Do you know what natural cosmetics are and why you should choose them to improve your well-being?

In recent years, the use of natural cosmetics has increased, sensory experiences are the order of the day and being aware of what we need for well-being makes us more critical when choosing what we consume. Now, do you know exactly what natural cosmetics are and why you should choose them over conventional ones? We explain it to you!

What is natural cosmetics?

They are products to improve appearance or maintain hygiene made with a minimum of 95% ingredients of plant or mineral origin treated with very specific procedures for their effectiveness.

At GGcare our entire line of products are natural, made with recyclable and sustainable ecological packaging.

Why choose natural cosmetics?

It is very important to consume this type of cosmetics basically because of the benefits they bring to your health:

  • You will not incorporate toxic or harmful elements into your body!
    According to STANPA, the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics, in Spain between 7 and 9 cosmetics per day per person. Considering this information, if each of the creams, oils, soaps, deodorants or makeup that we use contains chemical additives, silicones, parabens, synthetic aromas, alcohol, among other toxic artificial elements, imagine the harmful agents that your body absorbs daily and the consequences that it can entail in the short and long term (allergic reactions, outbreaks, itching, inflammation, skin deterioration, etc.). Most of these harmful components are used to improve the appearance, texture or smell of the cosmetic, and very few have been analyzed. For this reason, the use of natural products that even incorporate vegetable essential oils as aromas are the best option for your health.
  • Your skin will thank you!
    It does not damage, does not irritate, does not produce side effects unlike most traditional cosmetics. They are mainly composed of oils extracted from plants and flowers that help maintain the proper pH of the skin. The pH acts as a protective barrier against the external damage to which it is exposed. It is important, however, that the active ingredients must be specific to alleviate the needs of your epidermis. Therefore, we recommend that you always check the ingredients, to be aware of what you consume at all times and see if it is the best option for your well-being.
  • It provides nutrients and does not clog pores!
    The natural ingredients resemble the skin's own fats. In this way, they maintain the pH and improve the absorption of the product and its nutrients, assimilating them as if they were their own and, best of all, without clogging the pores!
  • It's effective!
    A proper consistent routine helps provide your skin's needs effectively and without counterproductive effects.

As you see, using natural cosmetics means incorporating fewer harmful substances into your body, more benefits for your health and more well-being. It is ideal for your health, committed to the environment and, of course, cruelty free!

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