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The four minerals you should know

Achieving one's well-being is not always easy. For this reason, we want to explain to you how minerals can help you do this and become a great support for your daily life.

Why surround yourself with minerals?

There are those who claim that stones transmit energies and healing abilities. However, for others they are nothing more than mystical beliefs. The truth is that minerals are created from different processes, pressures and energies that give them unique properties that are very useful for taking care of our health. In fact, some professionals claim that we should surround ourselves with them because: 

  • They improve emotional, spiritual and physical health.

  • They help harmonize spaces. Being comfortable in an environment makes you more productive, creative, positive and, consequently, improves your well-being. Incorporate minerals into the decoration and you will fill your surroundings with harmony, turning any place into a pleasant space!
  • They balance emotions. Their colors and properties make them an ideal complement in complicated emotional situations. Carry a small gemstone in your pocket or wear it as a pendant.
  • They improve the physical appearance of the skin. More and more therapies, aesthetic centers and cosmetics use mineral properties to improve the physical appearance and health of the skin. At GGcare, we exercise and massage the face with mineral rollers and Repairing Oil to achieve radiant, hydrated and nourished skin.

The four minerals you should know to improve your well-being.

Each mineral has different benefits depending on its components and colors. In addition, you have surely heard about the seven chakras or energy points of the human body that minerals influence according to their properties and colors.

  • Rose quartz: Attracts goodness, balances and harmonizes emotions.
  • Black tourmaline: Protects from negative energies and balances.
  • Tiger's Eye: Very useful for improving personal power and confidence.
  • Amethyst: Ideal for meditation and for mental clarity in moments of change.

GGcare recommends:

At GGcare we encourage you to incorporate some of these minerals into your habits, it will help you fill your environment with harmony and positivity and improve your well-being. Take advantage and be encouraged to try this gift that nature gives us if you have not done so yet. It is effective!

Which one are you going to decide? Our advice:  The one that catches your attention the most will be the one that best suits you.

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