¿Qué beneficios tiene el ducharse con agua fría?

What are the benefits of showering with cold water?

When we think about showering with cold water we are alarmed. We tell you about its benefits and how to get used to it progressively, getting used to it and relaxing.

Benefits of this practice

Optimism and well-being: Doing this activity activates your body, especially in the morning. It makes you more awake, more active, in a better mood and eager to face the day in a more positive way.

Greater willpower: By forcing your mind to do this habit you realize that you can achieve more things than you think. Therefore, we feel stronger. Including cold showers in your daily routine increases your willpower to do anything.

More energy: The cold water shower acts as a shock therapy, it activates us instantly and provides energy for everything you propose.

Calms muscle pain: This practice causes the blood vessels to dilate, therefore, improving blood circulation. The muscles relax, causing less tension and relieving muscle pain.

Softer skin: When we shower with hot water, the pores of the skin open. When you get out of the shower, they contract again, causing the skin to dry out. On the contrary, by showering with cold water, we prevent this effect from happening and protect the skin more. At GGcare we recommend the Care pack for sensitive skin to enhance the hydration, cleansing and regeneration of the skin.

How to get used to it?

It is important to gradually incorporate cold water showers into your daily routine. Start by showering at the temperature you normally use and gradually adjust the temperature from hotter to colder. Avoid putting up with the cold, just noticing the change in temperature is enough to get your body used to it little by little. As the days go by, the temperature decreases from hot to cold. The objective of this practice is to achieve the consistency of showering with cold water and, at the end of it, to be as cold as possible but without the change in temperature bothering you much.

It is important to work this exercise from the inside of the body outwards, that is, we must work our mind to get used to it a little more every day.

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