Cosmética natural responsable, un paso para tu bienestar y para nuestro planeta

Responsible natural cosmetics, a step for your well-being and for our planet

Using responsible natural cosmetics is a way to care for and balance your skin, well-being and the environment. Although we may not realize it, the natural ecosystem suffers every day from our smallest actions and decisions. Washing our hands, brushing our teeth, applying sunscreen or even walking along the seashore can negatively affect our health, the health of the oceans and, above all, the planet if we are not aware.

A large number of daily consumer products include ingredients that are toxic to our body and the environment. Focusing only on the conventional cosmetics industry (not natural and not responsible), among these harmful components are parabens or microplastics. Its incorporation saves on the production of the cosmetic, but it affects (a lot!) the natural ecosystem and our health. Parabens used in cosmetics are synthetic preservatives to which numerous harmful effects are attributed to the body: acting as endocrine disruptors, estrogenic capacity and increasing dermal sensitivity. Microplastics are petrochemical particles that replace natural ingredients. Both its production (highly polluting) and its consumption imply ecological and health consequences.

Common gestures such as washing our hands, walking along the beach after protecting our skin with conventional sunscreen or eating fish could affect us directly and indirectly if we are not aware.

Something as everyday as washing hands or taking a shower with conventional soap (with parabens and microplastics) can contribute to the accumulation of toxic particles in our body and in marine waters. The tiny size of these particles escapes from wastewater treatments and passes into the sea. A serious problem taking into account the amount of cosmetics that are used daily around the world (in Spain between 7 and 9 cosmetics are used per day per person according to STANPA), the slow decomposition of plastic and the amount of greenhouse gases they emit in the face of solar radiation. Together with other factors, it has already led to a notable transformation of the natural ecosystem. In fact, microplastics have become part of the food chain. Plankton, small and large fish, marine and terrestrial animals (including ourselves) consume foods with a high amount of petrochemical particles that have accumulated in the sea. A chain that, without a doubt, we must stop to take care of the environment and, of course, our well-being.

At GGcare we are concerned about the amount of polluting particles that people around the world consume and discard every day. For this reason, we work every day to offer natural cosmetics, with biodegradable, responsible and high-quality ingredients, and contribute, increasingly, to the well-being of all people, animals, living beings, oceans and the Earth. All our products are cruelty free, they do not include parabens or petroleum derivatives. Because, in the end, contributing to the well-being of our planet means taking care of our well-being!

Small actions such as taking care of ourselves with respectful natural cosmetics, conscious consumption or giving importance to the origin of materials premiums of the products, mean great steps for our health and that of our planet.

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