Practica el silencio, también en casa

Practice silence, also at home

We live surrounded by noise. Furthermore, technology does not help us disconnect even for a minute a day.
According to a report by the European Environment Agency, exposure to noise causes a significant decrease in academic performance, an increased risk of dyslexia, an increase in blood pressure and immunological wear and tear.

Any noise, no matter how small it may seem, sets off an alert in your brain and its continued effect exhausts your defenses and the cardiovascular system.

On the other hand, the mind is full of noise, too much Information, work, obligations, problems and stress overload the brain, that is when we block ourselves, when we go blank.

STOP! Our generator is at its limit and needs to recharge.

Silence is essential to regenerate our brain

There is an external silence, which is the absence of noise, and an internal silence: those moments when We manage to reduce the background noise of our thoughts, both are essential for our health.

Silence positively affects neurons. It acts as a recharge for the brain, increases memory, creativity. Brain silence regenerates the mind and the body.

With a few minutes of silence a day, blood pressure, heart rate, and negative thoughts are reduced.

We must look for daily moments to recharge our mental and brain battery. Learn to stop, for no other reason than to breathe.

We are not used to stopping, to doing nothing. You may even feel guilty. Understand that it is a necessary break to maintain your engine room. The purpose: to be more productive, creative and take care of your body.

Awareness in breathing is a path to silence.
Sit For a few minutes, you can look through a window, or close your eyes and breathe, with no other purpose than to BE.

The mind does not go blank, wandering thoughts will continue to appear, let them flow, just observe as a spectator, simply be aware of yourself, of your breathing. It's the only thing that matters.

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