Aprende a curarte con la música

Learn to heal yourself with music

You probably listen to your music at some point during the day. It lifts your spirits, entertains you and accompanies you whatever you do. We know that it is a powerful ally to calm states of anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression among others.

Although, she is so attached to our life that we don't give it the value it has.

Did you know that there are different states or frequencies when you listen to music?

We find the latest scientific studies on music and its effects very interesting.
It turns out that the vibrations and waves of music with a frequency of 432Hz are healing.
Dedicate 10 minutes a day to listening to this music at 432 Hz, It gives you positive energy and regulates your body.

Why does it happen?

At this frequency its vibration and tone are the same as those of nature and the universe.
So, you hear music that is clearer, clearer, softer, more harmonious and does not stun the ear as much. The result is the same as when you spend 10 minutes in front of the sea listening to the song of the waves, or in a river, or any natural sound such as the song of birds, the rain, the air, etc.

Its benefits:
  • Regulates blood pressure, circulation and muscle tension.
  • Helps you fall asleep.
  • Strengthens mood and increases concentration.
  • Combat stress, anxiety and depression
  • Prevents headache, tiredness and mental exhaustion.
  • Opens mental and emotional blocks.

3 tips to benefit you every day

    1. Choose and prepare audio + your headphones and choose a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed for 10 minutes or however long you allocate.
    2. Comfortable posture, close your eyes, breathe gently and let the music surround you, enjoy the senses, remove the thoughts that appear from your mind and let the positive sensations flow when you feel the music.
    3. When it's over, open your eyes and give yourself a few minutes to move and activate your body again.
  • If you don't know it, search on YouTube for 432hZ music (The tone of nature or Sonotherapy). You will find a wide range of pieces for all moments. Choose the one that best suits your tastes.
  • Don't forget to listen to it with headphones. recommended to enjoy to the fullest.

Use these pieces of music to relax, sleep, calm stress, disconnect, reset, cheer yourself up and in general to clear your mind of worries, stress or blockages. It's a good plan B if you have trouble meditating.

You can start with 5 min and little by little increase the time until you enjoy your musical break.

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