Comer siendo consciente. La nueva tendencia

Eat consciously. The new trend

Would you fill your car's tank with water, Coca-Cola or milk? Are we equally aware of our bodies?

The answer is more than obvious. Instead, we give our body products, natural, processed or chemical, even if they are harmful or hinder the proper functioning of our organs.

Today we want to talk to you about the concept “Mindful eating”. It means eating, being conscious.

It consists of taking control of your eating, your diet. It is a way of practicing “mindfulness” applied to eating.

It is not a therapy. It's a trend. It teaches you to be aware of your sensations (satiety, hunger, taste, smell) and your emotions. You learn to know your body and decide when to start and stop eating and how to do it.

It helps you maintain weight, regulate digestion and nourish yourself responsibly.

It is a change of habits in your meals.

It's not a diet, it's a way to take responsibility for your body.

It's about choosing how to eat to nourish and care for your body.

Be aware of what you eat, value and appreciate all foods and also make it a pleasure to taste them. Learn to enjoy each bite while being aware of its function.

We often forget that eating is not just a habit, it is the fuel for our engine and it is also a pleasure.

Basic TIPS for practicing conscious eating

• Have a glass of water before lunch and dinner. It will satisfy you and prevent anxiety.

• Dedicate at least 20 minutes to your meal, without interruptions, without distractions, TV, cell phone, calls, etc. Being connected to a screen or arguing while eating increases stress in your body and nutrients are not assimilated, causing discomfort (bloating, gas, constipation, anxiety), in addition to increasing weight.

• Whenever (if you can) eat sitting down and in a quiet place. Standing in a noisy and active environment causes you to eat very quickly and stresses your metabolism.

• Only eat if you are hungry. Do not eat out of habit, habit, schedule or because others continue to eat. Ask yourself if you are hungry.

• Savor and appreciate each bite, without rushing. Chewing slowly helps your digestion be lighter and satisfies you more, avoiding accumulating weight.

• Eat everything, varied, fresh products, colors and textures on your plate. Be aware that you are nourishing and feeding your body responsibly. Enjoy pampering yourself.

• Just dedicate yourself to enjoying the food, feel the whole process.

• Pay attention to your sensations. Don't continue eating if you are no longer hungry. Understand the difference between being full and not hungry. Don't wait until it's full.

• Good trick to be the last to finish.

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