Jardinería y bienestar, cuáles son sus puntos de encuentro

Gardening and well-being, what are their meeting points

Little is said about gardening and its benefits, but today we will tell you all about them!

Gardening is therapeutic and, in fact, there is a widespread practice called Horticultural Therapy with which patients with different diseases are helped through care of plants and flowers.

The use of horticulture and gardening for therapeutic purposes dates back to 2000 BC in ancient Mesopotamia. It is also known that in ancient Egypt, doctors prescribed walks in the gardens to patients suffering from mental illness. With this evidence, we see that gardening has gone hand in hand with well-being for many years.

What are the benefits of Horticultural Therapy?

There are studies that claim that gardening reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. This is achieved thanks to the relaxation that this activity gives you, improving your mood and secreting serotonin. Therefore, it also helps reduce stress levels and accumulated tension.

In addition, a study conducted in the Netherlands claimed that gardening could reduce the level of cortisol in the brain (the stress hormone). This also benefits our sleep patterns, which improve as the state of relaxation increases.

At GGcareCosmetics we encourage you to spend about 20 minutes a day taking care of your plants and flowers. You will notice its effects in a short time and, in addition, you will love to see how they grow day by day!

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