Forest bathing, a new trend in Europe

A gift for our well-being available to everyone.Forest baths are wonderful for increasing the immune system, reducing blood pressure, reducing heart attacks, relaxing the mind and raising spirits, improving depressive and anxiety states.

“The Shinrin-Yoku boosts the immune system by increasing the number of NK cells (killer cells) and the production of anti-cancer proteins” comments the Dr.Qing Li, immunologist, director of the Japanese Society of Forest Medicine.

The Japanese therapy proposed by the Japanese Forestry Agency, which has been in operation since 1982, is known as Shinrin-Yoku. Its meaning is to absorb the atmosphere of the forest. It's the new trend in Europe called forest bathing.

According to the researcher Juyoung Lee and Miyazaki an anthropologist from the Center of Environment, Health and Field Studies at Chiba Univertity in Tokyo, explains that the physiological functions of human beings are still connected to the forest environment, for this reason we need to often unite with the natural environment to recharge our batteries and soak up authentic sensations. of well-being for our body and mind.

The idea was inspired by Buddhism. The Japanese have proven after carrying out multiple scientific studies that these baths or immersions in the forests give highly positive results for our body.

In Japan, about 50 forests have already been named as forest therapeutic centers and they are working to double that number in the coming years.

Forest baths are wonderful for increasing the immune system, reducing blood pressure, reducing heart attacks, relaxing the mind and raising spirits, improving depressive and anxiety states. .

When we dive through the trails of a forest, we soak up the life that nature emanates. It is a way to find well-being, calm and health for our body.

According to Qing Li, spending a few hours in the forest prevents us from diseases, but does not cure them. He explains to us that visiting a forest with the warmest temperature causes more phytoncites to be released, which is a chemical substance emitted by plants. If our visit is after the rain it even brings us more benefits for our health.

If we are aware of the connection we establish and focus on enjoying the now we will be able to disconnect from stress and fill ourselves with good energy, calm and inner peace .

How to do a forest bath

We can walk alone or hire a guide to help us focus on our walk and give us some guided guidelines to take advantage of the experience and get the most out of it.

But the most important thing is to understand the concept of this therapy, getting into the habit of approaching forests and natural spaces to enjoy the benefits of the forest.

We do not have to turn it into a competition, nor achieve a goal. Just let it flow and enjoy the moment.

It is advisable to choose large areas of forest, preferably with large trees and a lot of them.

It is very important to have good results walking relaxed and slowly. Feeling the moment and enjoying our walk with the five senses to be able to synchronize with the natural environment.


  • We can start focusing on how we breathe in and out. This way we will relax easily.
  • Feel the wind, the birds, our footsteps, the silence.
  • What smells attract us, what I feel when breathing the pure air.
  • Enjoy our view, the bright colors that we find as we pass, the leaves, trees, the sun's rays among the vegetation.
  • Play with our hands to caress the trees, plants, touch the water of the river, spring or small fountain that we find along the way.
  • Sit down to take breaks and take the opportunity to enjoy the moment, close our eyes and listen and feel with the five senses the entire essence of the place.

All of this will help us focus on our forest bathing, which will give us calm, well-being, health and happiness.

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