Yoga facial antiaging. Resultados eficaces de forma natural

Antiaging facial yoga. Effective results naturally

The 100% natural solution that works to prevent aging. GGcare recommends it.

In life we ​​go through different stages. Sometimes, we feel fantastic, like when we return from a vacation and other times in which we do not recognize ourselves in the mirror and our face seems more aged and tired.

Hormonal changes, the effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, allergies, fatigue and stress they are reflected in the face. Suddenly, we find that the skin has lost its color, luminosity and healthy appearance.

The benefits of facial yoga-fitness are not only aesthetic, but also physical, since they relax tension, recover energy and improve rest.

At this moment it is important to take action and you will be surprised by the results. You can practice it yourself with a few minutes a day, when you wake up, in the car, walking, on the bus, at home, etc. It is extraordinary how it improves your skin, revitalizes your appearance and keeps your muscles in shape.

What facial yoga-fitness consists of

Facial yoga is a technique with facial exercises and postures to mobilize and exercise all the muscles of the face.

It is a natural, practical, simple and economical method. Extraordinary for preventing and improving wrinkles and fatigue lines, it also activates circulation and stagnant energy, returning natural luminosity.

Facial yoga has an anti-aging effect and lifts the muscles, rejuvenating the face. It is similar to the Japanese Kobido, but much easier to apply to yourself.

Why does facial yoga effect work?

On the face we have reflexological points and it is very important that energy flows, otherwise the skin will suffer stagnation, losing its color, light and elasticity.

Yoga or facial gymnastics helps you reactivate and exercise your face while keeping your facial muscles in shape, avoiding stiffness, new wrinkles and strain.

What happens to you:

Do you see your eyes smaller because your eyebrows have drooped or perhaps your case is the appearance of bags, dark circles and you don't know what to do ?

Do you feel tension in your forehead, between your eyebrows and are you getting expression lines that despite the creams do not disappear?

Have your cheeks begun to sag, lose definition and do you see a marked rictus?

When you look at photos from a few years ago, do you discover that your lips have lost juiciness, definition and have become thinner?

Do you spend many hours in front of the computer, mobile phone and do you notice that you are getting that horrible double chin?

Don't worry, these examples that men and women suffer from can be rectified with facial yoga exercises and some specific self-massages.

Exercising the muscles, combating the traction of gravity and activating blood microcirculation.

GGcare recommends that you regularly practice this facial gymnastics.

You will look better every day, you will increase your self-esteem, you will delay wrinkles, you will keep your muscles in shape and you will also prepare your skin to nourish it much more, because when you apply the regenerating cream , moisturizing from GGcare will enhance its effects on the dermis.

Facial yoga, together with self-massage, is a quick and effective alternative that activates and regenerates the body, providing well-being and eliminating fatigue.

In addition, it combats the effects of aging, promotes microcirculation, improving the condition of the skin.

In self-massage different techniques can be used: kneading, friction, pressure, acupressure or facial reflexology.

If you still don't know antiaging facial yoga, you don't know what movements you should do in your case or you want free information, contact Isabel López to attend a trial class and evaluate the experience for yourself@.Once you have learned the exercises you need, you can do them at home. It is an economical method that will serve you for life.

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Mª Isabel López. Expert in facial toning and tension relaxation exercises. Personal image consultant. Face-to-face and online facial gymnastics teacher since 2006. Antiaging Facial Yoga “2019”.

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