La importancia de descansar para una piel saludable

The importance of rest for healthy skin

As we say at GGcare, the skin is the reflection of our interior and, to take care of it, we must fully pamper ourselves. Sleep is essential for health and to avoid problems that the skin, the most visible and largest organ in the body, externalizes through its appearance. In this blog we talk about the importance of resting correctly for skin health and we explain how you can take care of it during the night.

Why is rest essential for healthy skin?

The skin is in constant activity. It is an organ that "does not rest", but needs our sleep to correctly carry out its main function: protecting the body from the outside. During the day, it prioritizes the shield function against external factors such as pollution or the sun. At night, it takes advantage of the body's rest to renew itself with greater intensity (since it is constantly doing so) and repair the damage caused during the day.

When sleeping the body relaxes and abandons "the state of alert" caused by stress. Cortisol (stress hormone) levels decrease and melatonin (an essential hormone for rest, which protects the skin and acts as an antioxidant, fighting free radicals and oxidative stress) is released. The skin, linked to the nervous system, detects it and allows itself to focus by regenerating cellular damage and eliminating toxins, preparing for the next day. If sleep is not sufficient or of quality, it does not regenerate properly, it weakens and the skin externalizes it in the form of conditions related, among others, to oxidative stress and premature aging. Hence the importance of resting and helping the most visible organ we have with a night routine that contains natural active ingredients to enhance the repairing effect effectively. .

How many hours should we rest for it to be visible on the skin?

Although for adults the recommended average is to rest between 7 and 8 hours a day, the time varies depending on the age and the person. The key is to bring good sleeping habits, a balanced diet and listen to the body's needs.

How to take care of your skin at night? 5 tips to wake up with healthy skin.

  • ALWAYS wash your face before going to bed.
    Use the GGcare soapy oil to eliminate residues and particles that have accumulated during the day (sweat, toxins, creams and protectors , makeup, etc.) You will allow the skin to oxygenate and regenerate better, avoiding the clogging of pores and the appearance of acne.

  • Use natural products that promote repair and hydration.
    It is essential to provide extra hydration and repair at night. With the natural active ingredients of GGcare cosmetics you can do it effectively. In addition, we have prepared the GGcare night facial routine for you!

  • Sleep the recommended hours and avoid activities that disturb sleep.
    Quality rest is essential to show off a healthy complexion. Some advice: avoid screens before going to bed! The light they give off decreases melatonin.

  • Use materials like cotton or silk.
    Make sure that materials that come into contact with the skin during the night (pillows, blankets, etc.)) are hypoallergenic like cotton and silk. You will avoid allergies, maintain the pH and promote quality rest.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Maintaining a varied diet will make you feel greater well-being. In addition, a light and healthy dinner will help you avoid a heavy stomach and you will rest better.

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