La importancia de hidratar la piel de los niños

The importance of moisturizing children's skin

The skin of the little ones is very sensitive and therefore you have to take special care of it. hydration is a very important point to maintain healthy skin in children. In this article we tell you how to do it.

Causes of skin deterioration in children's skin

1. Temperature: Drastic changes in temperature from hot to cold or vice versa cause the skin of the little ones to dry out as they are more sensitive and delicate. Sometimes, these skins reach a level of contraction that can crack, causing annoying and painful wounds.

2. Oncological treatments: Chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments cause extreme dehydration of the skin and especially at the pediatric level.

3. Inappropriate baths: Water, especially hard water or water with a lot of lime, is a drying factor for the epidermis, so using the wrong soap and bathing a baby too frequently will cause the skin to not be able to regenerate itself. and ended up showing symptoms of dryness.

How to treat dry skin in children

Using moisturizing soaps during the bath will prevent the water from causing dryness in the baby's skin. At GGcare we recommend using Soapy, purifying shower oil, this will help keep the child's epidermis hydrated in addition to cleaning and disinfecting it.

The use of moisturizing creams is very important to prevent and treat dry skin. The best time to apply moisturizing creams is after bathing, since the skin pores are clean and open thanks to the hot water and this makes the body cream more effective. We recommend you use the Soothing Body Cream from GGcare for its great moisturizing capacity and its calming effect, providing well-being for damaged or dry skin.

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