La crema que calma tus picores y te proporciona bienestar

The cream that calms your itching and provides you with well-being

Recommended for all skin types, a multitude of conditions due to oncology, allergies, dermatitis, extreme sensitivity.

One of the common and annoying side effects of chemotherapy, dialysis and other chemical treatments is itchy skin, dryness and redness anywhere on the body.

From now on you have a natural product to feel immediate relief and well-being. Dermatologically tested. Without parabens.

The soothing body cream by GGcare is formulated to alleviate these daily discomforts one hundred percent. Its natural ingredients have regenerating properties, protect from radiation, are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, soften and stabilize and restore skin well-being. Aromatherapy provides a powerful sensation of well-being and positivism.

GGcare did a study with cancer patients where the results were verified with 100% effectiveness, satisfaction and comfort after trying the soothing cream. Its essential oils, orange and lavender with its aromatherapy effect will give you positive sensations and general well-being.

This is a product that you can apply to any type of skin. It is designed for delicate, red, dehydrated, irritated, hypersensitive skin that is attacked by any chemical or natural process.

If you are pregnant, the soothing body cream GGcare will take care of you throughout the process to hydrate, nourish, reduce inflammation of the skin and alleviate itching caused by skin tightness and dryness.

Patients undergoing dialysis treatment have very aggressive side effects for the skin. The soothing body cream will soothe and turn discomfort into well-being.

It is wonderful against insect bites. It immediately relieves inflammation and slightly painful itching.

How to use

This soothing cream is formulated to be applied all over the body. It is highly recommended to use it after your daily shower.

It is a very moisturizing cream that you can apply as many times a day as necessary, in the areas where you feel itchy or irritated.

Its active ingredients. Healthy for your skin

Base: natural active ingredients

  • Calamine: (zinc oxide + iron oxide): Soothes itching, is antiseptic and protects.
  • Zinc oxide: Soothing and protects from radiation.
  • Indian incense: anti-inflammatory, soothing, reduces irritation.
  • Chamomile flower essential oil: softens, calms, is anti-inflammatory and desensitizing.

Aromas: first cold pressing

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