Las 3 claves para mantener la piel y el cabello saludables

The 3 keys to maintaining healthy skin and hair

There are many factors that, although we do not realize it, affect and damage our skin and hair health on a daily basis. Therefore, specific care is essential and, above all, taking care of our entire body. With these three steps you can effectively maintain healthy skin and hair.

How to take care of your skin and hair?

The 3 keys to maintaining healthy skin and hair:

  • Moisturize: The skin is an organ that protects us from the outside and its protective capacity depends on the pH status of the hydrolipidic layer that covers it. Water, some soaps, the sun, dryers or air conditioning constantly dry out and weaken the pH of this protective layer and the hair. Hence, the need to provide them with daily hydration so that they are healthier and more resistant. At GGcare we use the Soapy oil during the shower to prevent the water from drying out. After drying off, we applied Soothing body cream for extra hydration after bathing.
  • Nourish: Lack of nutrients can dull the appearance of the skin and hair. Providing nutrients and vitamins will contribute to its strengthening and proper functioning. Our great ally is Rosehip Oil. Its properties and nutrients contribute to improving the appearance and health of the skin and hair in an effective and 100% natural way.
  • Healthy lifestyle: The key is to take care of ourselves internally and completely to contribute to external health. If we do not drink enough water, the body becomes dehydrated and the skin becomes dry. An unbalanced diet causes problems in the body due to a lack of nutrients, and skin and hair health transmits this in their appearance. They are indicators of our interior, through their appearance they show the state of the organism. It is also worth highlighting the importance of physical exercise and activities such as meditation and conscious breathing. They will improve well-being, reduce stress and your skin and hair will notice it!

Specific care with natural cosmetics, accompanied by a balanced diet, exercise (adapted to each person) and the practice of meditation, is key for healthy lifestyle. You will avoid a large number of health problems. You will be able to take care of your skin and hair effectively. You will look healthy inside and out!

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