¿Cómo reparar la piel después del verano?

How to repair your skin after summer?

Summer is one of the seasons that most damages and punishes skin well-being. Sun exposure, the sea and high temperatures dehydrate, producing dryness and accelerating premature aging. For the arrival of autumn, repairing and preparing it is essential for its well-being. Discover how to repair your skin after summer in a simple way!

Why repair the skin after summer?

Summer brings many factors that damage the skin (excess sun, air conditioners, sea salt, chlorinated water, unbalanced diet, etc.). With the arrival of autumn and the change in temperature, the tan disappears and these damages (spots, dryness, redness, burns, etc.) begin to become more visible. To minimize it as much as possible, good skin care is essential all year round and, above all, repair the skin after the summer.

How to repair the skin after summer?

  1. Care, hydrate and nourish with consistency.
    At GGcare we have developed the Sensitive skin repair packe to care for and repair it with ease. Includes Soapy oil with neutral pH and Calmly body cream. Two natural products with immediate action, with softening, repairing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties that will restore well-being and light to your skin!

  2. Eat a balanced diet.
    During the summer people go out more and correct nutrition often remains in the background. This influences (a lot!) the condition of the skin. The lack of nutrients reduces their defenses, making them weaker, dehydrated and damaged more easily. Eating a good diet is essential to contribute to the balance of the body and skin well-being. Learn more nutrition tips in our food blog.

  3. Do activities that give you well-being.
    Feeling happy or doing activities that produce well-being releases happiness hormones. Reduces cortisol levels, preventing conditions related to skin stress (acne, redness, dryness or premature aging, etc.). Increases collagen, preventing dehydration and premature skin aging. Learn more at How to take advantage of positive emotions to improve your skin?
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