¿Cómo reparar la piel dañada por quemaduras?

How to repair skin damaged by burns?

In this blog we tell you how to repair skin damaged by domestic, sunburns or aggressive treatments. Learn the steps to care for and repair burned skin effectively and minimize the dermal damage of the injury.

How to repair skin damaged by burns?

There are different levels and types of burns and all of them cause cellular damage, inflammation and loss of hydration. It is necessary to care for and repair burned skin daily and provide it with a source of hydration, nutrition and regeneration. Next, how to repair burned skin during daily care. Steps to follow:

1. Clean the affected area:

It is essential to clean and disinfect the area, especially before applying any product. You will avoid infections and allow the treatment to penetrate better. The GGcare purifying soapy oil will be your great ally in this step. Cleans and disinfects any part of the body (including face and hair) and, in turn, moisturizes (preventing the dryness caused by cleaning with soap and water). Turns disinfection into a source of well-being and good feelings thanks to its essential oils with a relaxing aroma.

2. Moisturizes and regenerates the skin:

Once the affected area is clean and dry, it is time to regenerate the skin! By applying a few drops of GGcare Relieving Repair Oil and gently massaging until absorbed, you can hydrate any part of the body and repair injuries. It can be applied directly to burns, even if there are open wounds.

3. Calm and reduce inflammation:

It is necessary to soothe, reduce inflammation and apply extra hydration to reduce the discomfort caused by burns. We recommend applying the GGcare Soothing Body Cream when the Repairing Oil has been absorbed, to calm inflammation and relieve the burning sensation quickly. The oil will facilitate the absorption of the cream and the benefits will be greater.

We recommend performing these steps at least once a day. In this way, you will clean, hydrate, reduce injuries as much as possible and rseparate the skin damaged by burns calming inflammation and reducing scars.

Although the mildest ones can be treated at home, we always recommend going to a specialist to avoid later complications. The products mentioned are clinically tested on patients with delicate skin damaged by aggressive treatments.

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