Como la piel atopica afecta al bienestar de las personas

How atopic skin affects people's well-being.

Having atopic skin can affect the quality of life, it all depends on the degree of severity of the atopic dermatitis you suffer from.

This discomfort caused by atopic skin not only affects the person who suffers from it directly, it can also affect those closest to them, such as family, friends or partners.

People who suffer from more severe atopic skin and, in the case of suffering from it since birth or from a very young age, usually live conditioned by this disease.

They must control their diet, check what fabrics the clothes they want to buy are made of (sometimes they cannot buy the clothes they want because the fabrics cause adverse reactions), they must live with constant itching in their skin, both day and night, sometimes even making it difficult to sleep and interrupting their internal clocks.

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It is true that having atopic dermatitis affects you physically, but there is also a strong psychological impact for people who suffer from this disease, especially in adolescence.

People who live with atopic dermatitis cannot avoid scratching to relieve the itching they constantly feel, which causes them to unconsciously wound themselves.

There are unique periods like adolescence. It is no secret that some adolescents can be incomprehensive and become cruel when they have some noticeable difference, such as the skin lesions and redness caused by atopic dermatitis or other skin ailments.

How does dermatitis affect those close to a person with atopic skin?

Dermatitis not only affects the person who suffers from it, but also affects the people around them.

The treatments and habits that people who suffer from atopic skin must learn are not only uncomfortable for them, they are also uncomfortable for those closest to them, who must adapt to the peculiar needs and habits of the people who suffer from atopic dermatitis.

Family members, friends and partners of people affected by atopic dermatitis accompany them both physically and emotionally in their journey to control dermatitis and in the treatments they must carry out if medical treatment is needed.

*No “cure” has been found for atopic dermatitis, atopic skin is a chronic disease that is kept under control with consistency, medical treatment if necessary and following a style of specific life. Before taking any medication or applying corticosteroids, make an appointment with your dermatologist.*

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