Aceite reparador aliviante de GGcare

GGcare Relieving Repair Oil

This relieving repair oil GGcare, is your ideal oil for any type of radiation or burn .If you suffer from any type of minor burn, apply the repair oil GGcare.

You can use it for a typical kitchen burn or a burn from having exposed an area of ​​your body too much to the sun.

This repairing, relieving oil is ideal to apply after radiotherapy sessions. In this case, it should be applied immediately after the session, before the typical burning that occurs after the treatment begins to be felt.

All ingredients are of natural origin and their active ingredients are the best combination of oils to repair the effects of any type of radiation: chamomile essential oil together with rosehip oil, wheat germ, calendula, jojoba and macadamia .

By applying the relieving repair oil GGcare after radiotherapy in the affected area, you will achieve relief the burning that is felt later and thanks to its essential oils with aromatherapy effects, will help improve your well-being.

Essential oils:  
  • Chamomile essential oil: soothing, disinfectant, anti-inflammatory.
  • Rosehip Oil: regenerating, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging.
  • Wheat germ oil: regulates cell division and humidity, activates enzymes, softens.
  • Calendula Oil: anti-inflammatory, healing, antibacterial, fungicidal and antispasmodic action. It is a good emollient as it softens, tones and hydrates the skin.
  • Jojoba Oil: moisturizing, increases elasticity, antioxidant.Because jojoba oil is not metabolized by various microorganisms, it counteracts germs that cause inflammation.
  • Macadamia oil: regenerative, softens, enhances absorption capacity. Smoothes and regenerates dry, fragile and sensitive skin.Macadamia oil is high in palmitoleic acid. Therefore, it helps the skin improve its resilience and makes it excellent for massages.


Orange essential oil: Relaxing, sedative, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, healing and skin regenerator, antidepressant and bringer of harmony.Originally from China, the bitter orange tree has spread throughout the Mediterranean climate, and an essential oil with a very pleasant aroma is extracted from it, the simple inhalation of which provides us with positivity and well-being.

Lavender essential oil: Antidepressant, calming, sedative, powerful antispasmodic and healing, notable analgesic, hypotensive, antimicrobial and antiseptic.The enormous number of indications that this essential oil treats places it within the definition of a universal panacea.

How to use your GGcare oil:

Apply the oil directly to the burned surface and massage gently until completely absorbed.

For radiotherapy use:
  • It is recommended to apply this oil just after the radiotherapy session, before you start to notice the typical burning that this treatment causes.
  • The oil should never be applied just before the radiotherapy session.
  • If you want to prepare the skin before the session, you can apply the oil the night before the treatment, as long as you take a shower the next morning or cleanse yourself well if there are traces of oil in the area to be treated.

No parabens. For all skin types.At GGcare we are responsible with the environment and animals.

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