Combate eficaz y rápidamente las picaduras de mosquito

Effectively and quickly combats mosquito bites

Mosquito bites can cause such discomfort that getaways to enjoy nature or the long-awaited summer nights outdoors become a real battle between the mosquito and us. The more they itch, the more we scratch and we enter a loop where restlessness takes over. At GGcare, we want the best for your well-being, that's why we provide you with the solution to calm the itch and continue enjoying nature and the summer!

Why do mosquitoes bite?
There are thousands of species of mosquitoes, but don't worry, not all of them bite! In fact, only a small number of species need to absorb our blood and only the females do so to acquire the necessary nutrients to develop the eggs and thus continue the cycle of the species.

Why why should we not scratch our bites?
The inflammations and allergies that appear on the skin when a female mosquito has absorbed a small amount of blood, are reactions that our body makes when the insect's saliva contacts our blood. As we well know, these inflammations can reach considerable sizes and cause a lot of itching. Although the tendency is to scratch to soothe the itching, this only causes a false sense of relief, increasing inflammation and causing wounds or even infections. Therefore, it is important to avoid scratching.

How to quickly relieve the itching sensation without damaging the skin or increasing inflammation?

GGcare advises applying the Soothing body cream, one of our natural products to calm all types of itching. It is effective and thanks to ingredients of natural origin, regenerating and anti-inflammatory that it incorporates, including calamine, Indian incense or bisabolol, and aromatic essential oils, it will relieve you Instantly, it will hydrate the area and provide you with great skin and emotional well-being, ideal for enjoying summer and nature without mosquitoes getting in the way of your well-being!

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