Afectaciones COVID-19 en la piel

COVID-19 skin effects

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Dermatologists throughout the country detect the appearance of dermatological alterations in various areas of the skin, in asymptomatic Covid-19 patients, most with mild symptoms.

The skin problems found are varied, chickenpox-type eruptions, purpura, hives and rash (mainly on the trunk), lesions on the fingers and toes similar to perniosis (chilblains) more frequent in asymptomatic children and adolescents.

According to one of the published scientific articles, it indicates that 20% of patients with Covid-19 have shown these skin lesions.

According to Dr. Molina Ruíz, dermatologist at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation Hospital, in Madrid “It was to be expected that it would have skin manifestations, almost all viruses have them.”


Study Covid-skin

The AEDV (Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology) through the Piel Sana Foundation , develops a study in which professionals from all over the country participate. The Covid-Piel project has been approved by the Spanish Medicines Agency (@AEMPSGOB), the Registry of the European platform ENCEPP and the “Research Ethics Committee”.

The dermatologists who lead the Covid-Skin study are doctors Cristina Galván Casas, from the Dermatology Service of the Móstoles University Hospital in Madrid and Alba Català Gonzalo, from the Dermatology and Venereology Service of the Plató Hospital in Barcelona and doctor Gregorio Carretero Hernández, from the Dermatology Service of the Gran Canaria University Hospital Doctor Negrín .

The researchers explain "This is a descriptive study in which we aim to categorize and understand the impact of certain skin manifestations that are occurring in people who have or have recently had coronavirus infection."


Side effects on the skin

According to specialists from all countries, they agree that, so far, the discomfort from skin conditions caused by COVID-19 is not serious, they disappear without leaving scars and most cause itching in the area affected. they find each other.

The itching in this type of condition creates an urgent need to scratch the affected area. By scratching we create more irritation, superinfections, more inflammation and possible wounds that can leave scars.

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Calms all types of itching and inflammation

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  • Burns from oncological treatments, sunburn and insect bites.
  • Extreme skin dehydration.
  • Inflammations, irritations due to allergies, dermatitis.

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