Escoge el fotoprotector adecuado: ¿qué significa SPF y el número?

Choose the right sunscreen: what does SPF and the number mean?

Many cosmetics incorporate sun protection and indicate it with the acronym SPF or FPS. Do you really know what they mean and which is the most suitable photoprotector for your skin?

What is SPF?

The acronym SPF or FPS that appears on some cosmetics means Sun Protection Factor. They usually appear accompanied by a number. This indicates the level of protection that the product provides against harmful solar radiation (UVB). It is wrong to think that it corresponds to the time in minutes that it protects the skin with its application. In fact, the number specifies how many times it increases the skin's natural protection against burns. From this, you will be able to extract the approximate time that your skin would last in the sun without burning. We'll tell you then!

How to choose the most appropriate SPF?

To choose it, look at:

  1. Minutes that your skin can last naturally without burning, without applying protective cream).

  2. Number indicated on the packaging label, that is, the number of times more than the cosmetic will protect your skin.

Multiply the time that your skin lasts by the SPF number. The result is the approximate time that your skin will be protected with the photoprotector. For example, if you usually burn after 15 minutes of exposure and you apply SPF20, the time it will take to burn is 300 minutes (15min X 20 times = 300 min).

Be careful, IT IS NOT AN EXACT TIME! No sunscreen provides total protection. In addition, factors such as sweat, contact with water, correct application, radiation intensity, perspiration, etc. have an influence. which reduce it, which is why we recommend applying sunscreen more regularly during exposure.


  • As reported by the Sun Protection Guide of the Ministry of Health, the general council of official associations of pharmacists and the Spanish Association against Cancer (aecc), there are different ways of specify the SFP. In Europe, the COLIPA method is usually used and determines them in the following way:
      • Bass: 2-4-6
      • Medium: 8-10-12
      • Height: 15-20-25
      • Very high: 30-40-50
      • Ultra SPF: 50+
  • Use an SPF higher than 15! A lower one protects against burns but not against aging or skin cancer.

  • Apply high protection if you do sports outdoors or if you are going to be exposed to the sun a lot!

Protect your skin daily even if you are not going to expose yourself directly to the sun!
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