¿Por qué me pica la piel? ¿Cómo aliviar el picor rápidamente?

Why does my skin itch? How to relieve itching quickly?

Do you have itches on your body due to bites, dryness, psoriasis, pregnancy, treatments, burns or illness? We have the solution! We answer the question “why does my skin itch?” and we tell you how to relieve itching quickly naturally, whatever its origin.

Why does my skin itch?  

Itching is a skin irritation that causes discomfort and the need to scratch. It can occur in localized areas or at a general level, and occur for different reasons. Due to contact (textiles, plastics, etc.), environmental factors (sun, pollen, etc.), infections, allergies, insect bites or diseases. It is a dermal response to an external “attack” (bites, sun, allergy, etc.) or internal (diseases, allergic reactions, infections, etc.) that irritates or damages it. The skin contains nerve endings that transmit stimuli to the brain and connect it with the body and the outside world. In this way, an external attack stimulus or a reaction of the body to a disease, treatment or allergy, can be reflected at the skin level.

How to relieve itching quickly? Tips to relieve itching quickly:

    1. Avoid scratching.
      Scratching temporarily blocks the skin's nerve endings. It produces a false sense of relief (short-lasting) and more inflammation.

    2. Moisturizes the dermis.
    3. Apply cold to the affected area.
    4. Use a natural remedy to soothe itchy skin.
      We recommend
      ours Soothing body cream, a cream to calm itching in the body and hydrate naturally, quickly and effectively.

The soothing body cream, the natural remedy to calm itchy skin.

Thanks to the regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties of its ingredients, the Calming Body Cream is a calming cream itching on the body and hydrate the skin. Contains calamine, Indian incense, bisabolol and essential oils with an aromatherapy effect that relax and provide well-being. It does not cause reactions or rashes and is clinically tested. Its effect is immediate. It is, without a doubt, a very effective natural remedy to soothe itchy skin!

How to  relieve itching quickly with Soothing Body Cream?

It can be applied every time you feel an itchy sensation. We recommend:

    1. Clean the area with Soapy oil.
    2. Dry the skin well.
    3. Apply a few drops of Soothing Body Cream.
      It is important to SHAKE BEFORE USE. Do not apply to mucous membranes.
    4. Immediately enjoy its calming effects and pleasant relaxing aroma!

If you need more information about our cream to soothe itching in the body, have any questions or simply want to tell us about your experience... Don't hesitate to contact us! We will be encantad@s de meeting you!
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