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3 vital scents, GGcare scents

What is the first thing we do when we have a cream, an oil, a soap on our hands? Smell it! Cosmetics, in general, smell good, but at GGcare we have achieved more than adding a pleasant smell.

The aroma of our products comes from essential oils carefully selected. These aromatherapy sensations provide well-being and good emotions immediately. The aroma of our cosmetics is healing because it automatically connects with your neurons and provides you with well-being.

The first instinct we have when trying a new cosmetic is to SMELL it, then APPLY it to the skin and CHECK its texture, absorption, etc. This primary choice of choosing by scent is spot on. All the essences or smells of our world provoke different and unique emotions in each person.

essential oils are more than just a scent. All of them have high proven properties, which help us alleviate ailments naturally. For this reason, all GGcare products contain very specific essential oils in their formulation, to ensure that the aroma provides this emotional positivity.

The essential oils that we use are:

  1. Orange essential oil: relaxing and sedative.
  2. Lavender essential oil: antidepressant and calming.
  3. In addition, we have flavored our 100% pure rosehip oil with natural rose essence, which has relaxing effects.

Thanks to the use of these essential oils, the first contact you have with GGcare products is a wave of positive sensations, which will accompany you for much of the day or night.

Our goal is always your well-being.

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