¡¡¡ Vamos de Temporada !!!

Let's go for the season!!!

With globalization and large commercial stores, we have at our disposal fruits and vegetables that are not typical of the season of the year in our territory.

Eating fruits out of season can unbalance our diet, since they are products altered in their natural cycle, and the importation and conservation of these foods entails an economic and environmental cost.

What does it mean for a fruit to be “seasonal”?

Although we can have a wide variety of fruits throughout the year, not all of them ripen and remain in the same way, therefore it is impossible for them to be at their best throughout the year.

The “season” of the fruit indicates the life time in which said fruit is in its best state of its nutritional contribution although, with climate change, the season of the fruits may be altered and the produce changes in their moment of maturation.

An example would be the original grape season which is from September to December and currently we can consume grapes all year round.

Benefits of consuming seasonal fruits:

  • Seasonal fruits maintain their contributions of vitamins, minerals and original nutrients.
  • Seasonal fruits maintain intact qualities such as aroma, texture, appearance, color and flavor.
  • Seasonal fruits are much healthier foods since they have grown and ripened naturally without the need for products to maintain them and accelerate their growth. In addition, they have been harvested long before their optimal ripening moment to be able to withstand a long journey to reach the shelves of some supermarkets.
  • Seasonal and local fruits carry a economic and environmental benefit. If we save long distances, we save on the cost of transportation, which also directly benefits the planet and promotes the local economy of the territory.

Some seasonal fruits in our Peninsula::

  • SPRING: Medlars, strawberries and apricots.
  • SUMMER: Stone fruits (peaches, cherries), melons and watermelons.
  • AUTUMN: Apples, pears, grapes, chestnuts, and figs.
  • WINTER: Oranges, tangerines, clementines and grapes

It is vital to consume as much natural, seasonal and local products as possible. At GGcare we apply this standard in our area, which is cosmetics. For this reason, in our cosmetics  we use natural active ingredients, which are not altered, so that they provide maximum benefit to the needs of any type of skin. Our products are presented in packaging made of recycled material and are produced in an environmentally friendly way.

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