Detox efectivo, limón y jengibre

Effective detox, lemon and ginger

We have many fresh products and foods that offer us health for our body. Water is essential to hydrate and take care of yourself inside and out. Detox foods are considered foods that purify, detoxify and cleanse the body.

In GGcare we suggest you drink a drink that, in addition to hydrating you, will provide powerful benefits for your body.

It is an effective detox due to its properties. Two fresh products, easy to obtain and at an affordable price. We explain why this duo brings you so much. Ginger and lemon.

Ginger is an extraordinary root used in cooking and as a natural remedy to prevent and combat diseases. Its flavor and aroma is very special, soft lemony and spicy.

Its properties
  • It is antibacterial and antiseptic, which is why it improves our intestinal flora, prevents acidity and gases. Fights nausea, vomiting and dizziness. In addition, it is a very effective remedy against diarrhea. Facilitates digestion.
  • Analgesic without side effects, improves headache. It increases our temperature by eliminating toxins, reducing fever and relieving symptoms of colds and flu.
  • It is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Prevents muscle spasms.
  • Great activator of the circulatory system, combats hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and dramatically improves chilblains.
  • Cleanses the liver eliminating toxins and regulates and cleanses blood circulation.
  • Accelerates metabolism, becoming a fat burner. In addition, it provides a feeling of satiety, being a strong ally for losing weight.
  • It is considered anti-cancer, thanks to its gingerol component that prevents some cancer cells from growing.

Lemon is one of the most alkaline fruits and citrus fruits that exist. Its benefits are many and we should consume it whenever we can. It has a low calorie content so it helps us maintain weight. Its contribution of vitamins C, B9, B6 and minerals potassium and magnesium strengthens the immune system, preventing flu, colds and other viruses.

Lemon with ginger is a high detox and fat burner enhancer. It helps us lose weight, deflate, purify the liver, cleanse the circulatory system, prevent infections, relieve minor pain and reduce inflammation. It helps us maintain good breath, eliminate toxins, and ultimately gives us inner well-being.

Water or infusions are very beneficial and a very healthy habit to take care of ourselves. Although in 3 cases they are not advisable: pregnant women, people with high blood pressure or chronic gastritis.

How to take the Detox Duo:
Ginger tea with lemon

To make the tea we heat 250 ml of water with a large spoonful of grated ginger. When it boils, remove and cover for 15 minutes. Strain and add the juice of half lemon.

We can sweeten with honey without overdoing it (although when we get used to the flavor it is much more purifying on its own) you can also add some fresh mint leaves. It is advisable to take it warm on an empty stomach and before going to sleep.

Lemon water with ginger

We heat a liter of water and 4 large tablespoons of grated ginger. When it boils, remove, cover and let it infuse for 20 minutes. Strain and add the juice of 1 large lemon or 2 small ones. We transfer the water to a bottle or jug ​​to consume during the day. Tip: you can add slices of cucumber (washed and with skin) and mint.

Olive oil macerated with fresh ginger

In a jar or bottle we put extra virgin olive oil and add thin slices of fresh ginger to macerate. You will have an oil with more properties and a great flavor ready to add to salads or meats and fish.

It is optional to add the lemon juice to the oil or do it at the moment. It is a very healthy dressing option to reduce calories in our dishes and help us have good digestion.

Ground ginger: to prepare tea or as a condiment for rice, salads, smoothies, fish and meats, desserts, bread.

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