¿Sabías que la pimienta ayuda a mejorar la salud y el aspecto de la piel?

Did you know that pepper helps improve the health and appearance of the skin?

It has multiple medicinal and therapeutic functionalities. It is rich in properties, vitamins and minerals essential for the health of the body and skin well-being. Discover 5 benefits of pepper that will help you improve the health and appearance of your skin and incorporate it into your diet. You will notice its benefits!

Benefits of pepper for the skin

1 Prevents premature skin aging.

Black pepper helps keep the skin and body in good condition. Contains antioxidants, such as vitamin C or piperine, which protect against premature signs of aging (wrinkles, spots, lines expression), slow down cellular oxidation, cognitive impairment and the effects of free radicals, the main causes of body aging. It also exerts an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial function (1).

2 Improves mood and skin health.

piperine (active ingredient in pepper) contributes to the improvement of cognitive functions. When cognitive abilities improve, well-being, quality of life and, of course, mood and positive emotions also increase. It may not seem relevant at the dermal level, but any alteration of the body, psychological disorder or mood influences the skin, connected to the nervous and circulatory system. Therefore, including this species in your diet, doing things that generate positive emotions (hugging, listening to music, going out, etc.) and accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, will increase the neurotransmission of happiness hormones, favoring your well-being and that of your skin.

3 Promotes the absorption and retention of nutrients.

Facilitates the absorption of some nutrients (vitamins, calcium, curcumin, beta-carotene, etc.) and helps them remain in the body longer. Balanced nutrition is essential for healthy, hydrated and, of course, nourished skin.

4 Strengthens dermal defenses.

Facilitates the stimulation of cells responsible for releasing immune substances (splenocytes). It increases its proliferation and thus strengthens the immune system responsible for defending the body from bacteria, viruses, fungi, germs or parasites. The first barrier against these harmful microorganisms is the skin. Therefore, if the immune system is strong, the skin's defenses will also be strong and will prevent infections or other conditions caused by these microorganisms.

5 Stimulates skin pigmentation.

Some studies confirm that piperine can stimulate pigmentation in people with vitiligo (2). Vitiligo is a disease caused by loss of natural pigmentation. It causes white spots and destroys melanin (responsible for color and protecting from ultraviolet rays). In this way, it can not only be effective in improving the treatment of this skin disease, but also in protecting against diseases caused by the sun, such as dermal cancer.

These benefits of pepper show how it provides favorable effects. However, its consumption should be, like any other food, moderate. No food is miraculous and, in excess, could cause gastrointestinal discomfort. The key is balance: a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle habits and a lot of happiness!

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