GGcare FAQ

Learn the frequently asked questions about GGcare!

Do GGcare products have parabens?
None of GGcare products contain parabens or sulfates.

Are GGcare products natural cosmetics?

Absolutely, yes! All active ingredients are natural and state-of-the-art, carefully designed so that their effectiveness is immediate.

Have GGcare products been tested on animals?
None of the products or ingredients in GGcare products have been tested on animals

Is there any proof of effectiveness of the products?
GGcare products have been tested before going on the market through a test on 93 cancer patients. With a result of 100% effectiveness and satisfaction. (LINK of the study on the web)

Do GGcare products have any clinical tests?
In 2020, a clinical study in the radiotherapy department of the ICO (Institut Català d'Oncologia) of Barcelona. With spectacular results.

Are GGcare products effective immediately?
Yes. All GGcare products have an immediate effect thanks to the powerful natural active ingredients of the latest generation, which are carefully formulated for immediate effectiveness.

Why do GGcare products have an aromatherapy effect? ?
Because the aroma is formulated with essential oils with an aromatherapy effect, to also provide emotional well-being.

Why can I trust GGcare products?
Because they have been tested on patients with very severe skin problems with extraordinary results and are prescribed in Clinics and Hospitals throughout Spain.