Gloria Garcia, GGcare

Us and our potingues

How much do we spend to look young?

We are struck by all those claims where the magic word “antiaging” appears.

And going against the effects of the passage of time has already become a classic, well, it depends on your age, of course!

One, at 30, is convinced that she has a lot ahead of her and it better be that way!

But when you reach 40, 50, 60…. We like to think the same thing even though we know that it really isn't like that. We don't have that much time ahead of us anymore.

Our journey through life is evident, due to the many things we have done and especially we, women, who always do more than we should.

Time moves forward, so does our age, but what about our appearance?

Ah! No!! That if not!!! Our appearance cannot pretend to be reality! We must always look young!

And I wonder, why do we fall prey to the language of vanity?

These messages that shoot us to the depths of our miseries, so that we react automatically. They have wanted to train us with these very superficial and banal languages ​​to achieve our impulsive purchases.

To supply us with food supplements, cosmetics, anti-cellulite, diet products, etc.

Please! I propose that we stand up so they can talk to us intelligently.

We are going to buy “our potingues” anyway, but we want them to tell us about benefits that are far from vanity.

That they talk to us about health, well-being, protection, positivism and empowerment, this is what motivates us!

I have long discovered that youth is an attitude.

That living in “youth mode” is what gives you positivity and energy. That living with optimism is the best supplement to enjoy a healthy life, because from the moment you vibrate positively, everything feels better for you.

Even all of our “potingues” are more effective.

Consider “feeling young” instead of “looking young”, if you do, the rest will follow.

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