¿Las amas o las detestas?. Hoy te damos 9 razones para amarlas.

Do you love them or hate them? Today we give you 9 reasons to love them.

Do you love them or hate them? Today we give you 9 reasons to love them.

Often, we forget that they are living beings. They breathe, they grow and they also die. There are thousands of species, with different functions and properties. Although, they all benefit you when you live with them. They purify and humidify the air. They eliminate contaminating particles. In addition, they absorb noise, restoring peace of mind.

The latest studies confirm that taking care of plants affects us in a very positive way. We know that the act of caring for a living being produces immediate emotional well-being. It happens because the brain focuses on the NOW, it is stimulated, it relaxes and it evades us from mental noise.

Feeling the sun's rays, breathing nature, the sea, watching plants grow, feed and care for you. brings immediate well-being. Caring for any plant is emotional therapy for the whole family. The act of watering them, talking to them, touching them, cleaning them disconnects you from mental noise and gives you calm.

For people with depression it is another complement that promotes recovery. The green and freshness of the vegetation brings the house closer to the natural world. Nature dresses your house as a home, gives it life, joy and protection.

Plants evoke always positive emotions, feelings or memories. You have hundreds of species to choose from, depending on their benefits, properties, colors, sizes, prices and care.

If you work at home, it is advisable to create your green space. It helps you concentrate, positive focus and calm.

Home with plants? Of course

  1. Reduces stress and noise.
  2. Generates happiness and improves mood.
  3. Increases empathy and vitality.
  4. Strengthen recovery processes.
  5. They keep company.
  6. They are therapeutic.
  7. They strengthen concentration, memory and intellect.
  8. They help you breathe better.
  9. They reduce static electricity.

Give yourself plants. It is a perfect practice to feel better. In addition, they give you mental health while you decorate your home.

You know?

** Recent studies indicate that 30 minutes/day caring for your plants reduces stress.
** Experts confirm that the same calories are burned working in the garden for 45 minutes, as with 30 min of active exercise.

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