El mar. Un gran aliado para una vida saludable

The sea. A great ally for a healthy life

There are many health professionals who encourage us to frequent, as far as possible, locations near the sea for the benefits they bring us.From relaxation, purification of the respiratory system, prevention of insomnia, to antidepressant effects are some of the many benefits of seawater on our body and mind.

We tell you

Water, element of life

¾ parts of the planet are made up of water. Thanks to it, life on Earth began millions of years ago. Water is an essential element for life.

The 2/3 parts of water that our body contains have a mineral composition very similar to that of the marine environment.

It is a wonder of nature that our life also begins to develop in a sister element, such as the amniotic fluid that nourishes us during the 9 months of pregnancy.

We know that the concentration of mineral salts is the same in the sea (9 gr/l. water) what in the human body, (9 gr/l. blood).

It is scientifically proven that if we filter seawater correctly, it becomes natural physiological serum. So much so, that we can inject it into the human body through a vein and it is perfectly accepted in the form of blood plasma.

Sea water can be ionized to convert it to the same degree of salinity as our tears and body fluids, then used as a drink.

Thus we see that human beings have an especially deep harmony and connection with seawater.

Properties of sea water

Sea water contains iodine, zinc and potassium, among the most important minerals, in addition to being very rich in trace elements.

  • Thanks to magnesium, taking a bath in the sea is very therapeutic to combat depression, anxiety, and nerves.
  • Natural exfoliant for your feet (and your heels). At the same time, when walking, it massages all the nervous points that we have on the sole of the foot and stimulates them. In addition, we exercise more because walking on the sand is more difficult and we strengthen our legs and glutes.
  • It helps us in muscle recovery due to its high sodium content. Taking a walk along the shore and bathing on the beach is highly recommended for people with arthritis, rheumatism, and osteoarthritis problems, as they will gradually reduce pain by doing it frequently.
  • The baths will be of great help for patients with lung problems, since the sea will help them calm coughs, colds, more serious ailments and eliminate toxins from her body.
  • Improves blood circulation. With walks, gentle underwater exercise.
  • Antibiotic effect. Iodine, together with sea salts, is a great natural healing agent. We have known since ancient times that bathing in the sea helps the healing of superficial wounds. Yes, we must take care of ourselves in cases of serious or infected wounds because in these cases humidity increases the risk of proliferation of bacteria, giving rise to problems. severe on the skin.
  • It is a natural bactericide, which strengthens our immune system, thus helping to protect us from infections.
  • Relieves and cures some skin dermatitis. For psoriasis we recommend scrubbing the affected area with sea water continuously. If you cannot regularly go to coastal places, the solution is to collect seawater in closed containers.
  • Balances, revitalizes our tissues and delays skin aging. Bathing in the sea and sunbathing while walking and enjoying your moments on the beach are very effective.
  • Swimming, like floating in the sea, is beneficial for relaxing our muscles thanks to iodine. It relieves people recovering from some injuries and in rehabilitation or post-surgery.
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