Los efectos de la noche sobre nuestro malestar

The effects of the night on our discomfort

Has it ever happened to you that, as soon as you lie down in bed, already thinking about going to sleep, you start to get pain that you don't even know where it came from?

That my head hurts, my knee hurts, itching or pain that you didn't notice before and that now that you are about to go to sleep you start to notice.

What is this due to?

There is a high probability that this is due to the hypersensitivity that we have when it is night, or rather, when we enter a state of relaxation.

In other words, during the day we are busy, in active mode, even if it is the weekend and we are not doing anything in particular.

When we are distracted, we ignore or put aside the small pains or itches that we have because our attention is focused on another place or something else.

By being in a state of relaxation, just before going to sleep, there are no longer distractions that make you ignore those pains or discomforts that you may have been having for hours.

The absence of distractions around us is also the reason that at night we can hear sounds much more clearly and that, in the morning, the sounds that we consider “background” (such as ringtones) moderate voices or music at low volume) seem louder than they really are.

What can be done to prevent aches and pains from plaguing us at night?

At GGcare we recommend that you take a few minutes during the day to enter a state of relaxation and self-listening to find out if your body is trying to tell you something that you are unconsciously ignoring.

We also recommend if you have discomfort such as itching, pain or inflammation in the skin the Soothing Moisturizing Cream from GGCare, it is a cream that calms the itch immediately with a pleasant relaxing aroma that will help you both calm the itch and help you sleep more easily.

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